Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Cautionary tales: Epic RV fails you just have to see to believe!

By Cheri Sicard
RVing can be great when things go well, but when things go wrong, boy, oh boy, can they ever go wrong! I find it’s a good idea to remind myself of that from time to time so I don’t get complacent or too comfortable. This compilation of epic RV fails can do just that for all of us.

The team from the Epic Trucking Fails YouTube channel turned their sights on RVs and boy, is it ever eye-opening. While the host’s presentation and voiceover commentary is a bit (OK, a lot) annoying, the clips are nonetheless enlightening.

We begin with a large 5th wheel that failed to account for tail swing. Ouch!

Next, we see an RV on the interstate that is driving too fast and swerves all over the road, hitting boundaries on both sides. It’s interesting to see how this cheaply made motorhome simply flies apart and nearly disintegrates.

The most epic of all these fails has to be the Einstein-like motorhome driver who thought he was a stunt driver and could jump the ramp and land on the ferry that was pulling away from the dock. Needless to say, that did not end well.

In another clip, a travel trailer seems to be driving the truck, not vice versa. The driver manages to keep it upright … just barely.

We also see what happens with a motorhome front tire blowout. We see acrobatic RVs that end up anywhere but on their wheels. Then we see RVs swaying more than a salsa dancer’s hips. We see RVs that neglected their height clearances with disastrous results.

Some of the clips are just plain ridiculous. Like the 5th wheel owner who towed his RV backward because he didn’t have a pickup truck! Or the motorhome that backed completely into the water when the dog hit the shift control.

Basically, if it can go wrong while driving an RV, this video has a clip of it.



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Don (@guest_254646)
2 months ago

Some people just have more dollars then sense….

Curt Gibson (@guest_254695)
2 months ago
Reply to  Don

5th wheel down hill in the snow was just sad. He should have not even been on the road.

The others where the trailer starts oscillating and fishtailing are probably too much weight in the back?

Tommy Molnar (@guest_254643)
2 months ago

Some of these videos just reinforce my religiously sticking to the 60 mph restriction I’ve put on us while towing. When I was a little kid I remember my day saying to those speeding past us on the road, “Drive on brother, hell ain’t half full”!

Neal Davis (@guest_254630)
2 months ago

Thank you, Cheri! I enjoyed the commentary, but I am a red-neck hillbilly from east Tennessee. 😉

John Cox (@guest_254624)
2 months ago

The first video was from our brand new DQ here in Yuma AZ a couple of years ago. Out of state plates.

Thomas D (@guest_254621)
2 months ago

I wonder how many of these accidents happen first time out and end rv ing same day. Never to replace it.
Weight distribution bars aren’t anti sway bars. Salesman at the rv store want a sale. The heck with safety. Thinking back, no salesman suggested we weigh my rig or suggested a bigger truck or helper springs. I feel sorry for those people who go out on a new adventure and da*n near get killed because of inadequacies of their rig or experience.

Donald N Wright (@guest_254618)
2 months ago

Towing my 26′ Airstream to Rock Springs across Wyoming with those 30 mph crosswinds was interesting. I slowed down to watch the big box RV’s dancing down the highway. Even the semi’s slowed down, but not them.

Bob P (@guest_254691)
2 months ago


John Goodell (@guest_254617)
2 months ago

Too painful!

Bill Braniff (@guest_254605)
2 months ago

In a few of these cases I am sure the Dealer where the units were purchased should share some of the responsibility for the idiotness, displayed on the video.

Dave H. (@guest_254601)
2 months ago

They should have this running on a giant screen at the big RV shows, it is very educational.

Thomas D (@guest_254622)
2 months ago
Reply to  Dave H.

Good idea, but they’d never sell another rv.

Cookie P (@guest_254586)
2 months ago

“Then we see RVs swaying more than a salsa dancer’s hips.”
Love this analogy. It made me chuckle.

Cheri Sicard (@guest_254675)
2 months ago
Reply to  Cookie P

Thank you! It amused me.

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