Friday, February 3, 2023


Video: Check out this driverless motorhome prototype

Really? There’s been a lot of talk lately about how electric motorhomes are on the horizon. But an electric, driverless RV? Ya think that’s in your future?

The people at Hymer do. Their Galileo concept electric motorhome won’t even require a steering wheel, and the living space is pretty darn cool. Too bad for those of us who enjoy driving. In this George Jetson-style rig just sit back with your cup of coffee and watch the world go by.

One advantage of switching to autonomous technology and using an electric powertrain is that there’s no need for a dashboard or any controls, which just take up space in our current, old-fashioned rigs.

Sound appealing? Yeah, we thought not.

But in case you’re interested in what such a vehicle would look like, here’s a short video.


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3 years ago

My first reaction:
Just …. no.

On second thought: HAIL NO.

3 years ago

A lawyers dream (I did not run the red light the motorhome did – get it) and repairman’s nightmare.

My god I’m glad I’ll never live long enough to be part of this mad science project.

First thing I think about when the words autonomous vehicle surface as a retired repairman, is “if you thought it took a long time to get your current rig in for repairs and for the repairs to be completed’, you might want to reconsider any enthusiasm you had or have for this lunacy.

John Ahrens
3 years ago

Driverless gives us the option to continue the RV lifestyle after we can no longer drive our rigs safely. In that respect, I see them as a benefit as we age.

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