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Four types of campfire cooking: boiling, baking, frying, and grilling


By Cheri Sicard
Campfires make for a terrific ambiance when RVing, but besides being decorative and warming, they also can be highly practical. The video below, which covers four different methods of campfire cooking, can help.

If you are going to go to the trouble of making a campfire, why not put it to work? Survival instructor Dan Wowak believes in the power of the campfire to cook good meals, and the video compiles his best tips for how to properly cook a meal over a campfire.

Dan begins by covering the best types of wood to cook on, something that will be especially important if you plan on foraging for your campfire wood. Even if you are not a tree expert or outdoors person, Dan shares simple tips so most anyone can identify a suitable hardwood in order to build a cooking campfire.

Beyond that, Dan talks about how there are only four concepts when it comes to cooking: boiling, baking, frying, and grilling. And yes, you can do all four over a campfire.

Boiling: Beyond heating water, boiling can help you make stews, soups, and pasta. All you need is some sort of vessel to hang over your fire. This method is convenient because it needs little fire moderation while cooking.

Frying: Frying food over a campfire is awesome and using the campfire for this purpose can definitely cut down on a potentially greasy mess in your RV. Like boiling, you won’t have to monitor the fire a lot with frying. Dan shares tips for when to put the frying oil on the fire and an easy, safe method for doing so.

Grilling: Grilling over a hardwood campfire can give your foods a superior flavor to charcoal. The grill setup is similar to that for frying, although the fire size and temperature for grilling will be different. A grill fire will take some maintenance and Dan shows you just how easy this is to do. He also shows how to use sticks to grill meats when you don’t have a grill grate.

Baking: Often overlooked when it comes to campfires, baking is easily accomplished with campfire cooking, if you have a couple of simple and inexpensive tools. Of course, Dan shows you how to do it. Personally, this is one kitchen task I would rather use my RV’s oven for. But if your rig doesn’t have an oven, it’s good to know you can do it over the campfire.


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