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Uses for forks while RVing that don’t involve eating


Of course, you use it when you eat! However, the lowly dining fork can be used in many other ways while RVing. Just look and see for yourself all these uses for forks. You’ll be surprised at how handy these are… and who knew?!

Uses for forks for food… that aren’t eating!

Superior slices

Need to top that grilled hamburger? Use a fork to evenly cut tomato slices. Stick two forks side by side into the tomato. Then use a sharp knife to cut in between the fork tines for even slices. This trick also works for slicing onions, and you won’t have smelly hands afterward.

Easy cracker spread

Cut an avocado in half. Remove the pit. Then scrape a fork over the avocado half to loosen the fruit’s “meat.” Salt and pepper to taste. Use crackers to scoop the quick dip right from the avocado shell. Or sprinkle ground tahini over the avocado for a different flavor but still an easy dip.

Shredded, not pulled

Use two forks to separate cooked meat. It’s an easier and less messy way to make “pulled” pork, poultry, or beef.

Juice fruit

Forget packing a juicer in your RV. A fork works just as well and takes up no extra space in the drawer. Cut the fruit in half. Then insert the fork into the fruit and twist as you squeeze. The fork will separate the fruit cells and you’ll get more juice from the fruit.

Prep herbs

Stop picking cilantro leaves off one by one. Instead, hold the bottom of the herbal bunch with one hand on the cutting board. Grab a fork with your other hand. Scrape the fork tines over the herbs from bottom to top. The fork will easily remove most of the leaves in a fraction of the time.

Safely grate potatoes

If you hold the potato with a fork instead of your hand, you can grate the tater and protect your fingers, too.

Garlic trick

Use the tongs of a fork to pull a single garlic glove away from the bunch. Then use the fork to smash the garlic and it’s quickly prepped and ready.

Non-food uses for forks

Remove glare

Our RV windows produced a glare on my laptop computer. So, I used two forks. I positioned the tines down on the table and placed my laptop on top of them. The forks raise my laptop enough to eliminate the glare.

Open wine bottle

If you can’t find the wine opener, place a screw into the cork. Then slip fork tines through the screw and leverage the cork out of the bottle.

Substitute tongs

Did you know that forks can be a substitute for tongs? Here’s how. Position two forks back-to-back. Then use a rubber band to secure the fork’s tine ends together. The handles can then be used as tongs.

Clean up

Place a microfiber cloth over the tines in a fork. Use it to help detail hard-to-clean places in your RV or truck. The fork tines easily loosen dirt from air vents and other hard-to-reach places.

Save your thumb

Hold that nail in place. Slip the nail between the tines of a fork. Then hold the fork/nail steady as you hammer, and you just might save your thumb.

Who knew the simple fork could do so much? Can you add to the list of uses for forks? Please do so in the comments below.


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Marilyn M
19 days ago

Love the idea for the nail – would have saved many bruised fingers during our house reno!

19 days ago

Years ago, I remember being in my Grandmother’s kitchen and she had a item she used to cut potatoes, onions, tomatoes and such. To me, it looked like 3 or 4 forks bonded together much like you described. Hadn’t thought about that in a long time.

Bob p
19 days ago

The best use I’ve found was eating with one.

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