Saturday, December 9, 2023


Ghost hunter buys world’s most expensive ghost-hunting van RV

By Cheri Sicard
In the video below we join ghost hunter (yep, that is now a thing) CJ Faison for a tour of his new ghost-hunting van.

Besides being able to use the van as his mobile home on wheels just like any other van lifer, CJ’s Mercedes Sprinter van also houses his extensive ghost-hunting equipment so he is ready to hunt ghosts no matter where he roams.

The van serves as command central when CJ and his team are on the road shooting ghost-hunting videos. He needed a comfortable but small space to live and work in.

For CJ, the van’s most important feature is the rooftop built-in Wi-Fi that allows him to work and broadcast from just about anywhere. The van is outfitted with two TV monitors so CJ can shoot video, edit it, and broadcast all from the comfort of his tiny van home on the road.

Pop-up portable workstations come with comfortable seats much in the way they would in a private jet.

Besides work, the van offers the comforts of home such as reclining chairs, a fridge full of snacks and drinks, and a comfortable bed. Each seat in the van has a control that lets you control the van’s lighting and other interior systems, and every seat has its power connections so you will always be connected and able to work on digital projects.

Without a doubt, work productivity is the ghost-hunting van’s main purpose. Camping is secondary. Judging from the lack of stuff in CJ’s storage cabinets and his hotel bills, it would seem he rarely stays in here, especially since he admits to being a “twice-a-day shower guy.”

The back of the van houses all the team’s gear. CJ is still in the process of building it out so that the team can grab equipment quickly and on the go when needed.

Ghost-hunting vehicles have sure come a long way since the original Ghostbusters’ converted ambulance!

Oh, and speaking of Ghostbusters… Check this out!



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Neal Davis (@guest_259006)
1 month ago

Thank you, Cheri! Yes, it certainly is not an RV. Instead, it is an elaborate van that transports people and stuff between places.

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