Video: How to buy a used RV


In this six-minute video, Mark Polk of RV Education 101 explains what you need to look for when buying a used RV. While he doesn’t cover everything, he does discuss the major things you must pay attention to. Number one: be sure the RV does not have any water damage; he shows you what to look for to determine that. Finally, he discusses how much you should pay for the RV, and it’s NOT the asking price.

If you are just getting started RVing, we recommend you read Mark’s informative eBook, An Introduction to RVsIf you’re planning to buy a used motorhome, Bill Myers’ book “Buying a Used Motorhome” is excellent. 

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1 year ago

Some good info in this video. Not just another buy something from me one.

Patrick Granahan
1 year ago

A well produced guide for inspection of a used RV. I have seen some used motor homes with extreme water damage from window leaks.
One large deluxe unit was priced at only
$1,500 and sat for years looking for a buyer.
Too big a project for this bargain hunter !