Friday, March 24, 2023


Take a look at the most innovative RV shower ever!

By Cheri Sicard
Take a look at the most innovative RV shower ever in this quick YouTube Shorts tour from Pagosa Adventures of the Winnebago EKKO. This tiny RV has a whole lot packed into it.

Built on a Ford Transit van chassis, the EKKO is a popular small RV, and with good reason when you take a look at its innovative features, including something I’ve never seen before in any RV—a shower like no other.

Truly the bathroom in this small RV is a huge selling point. It looks ordinary enough at first glance: toilet and sink. But wait, where the heck is the shower? It’s behind the curved wall that opens to reveal the shower section and covers the toilet and sink. It’s kind of like a secret room in a tiny RV. WOW!

Besides the uber-cool bathroom, this is a rugged, high-quality RV. There are elevated twin beds in the back because, in the back on the outside, there is apparently a bike garage (not shown in the video).

It also has a small kitchen. Right behind the cab is a small popup table and seating. Personally, I was not thrilled with the table design and placement, which was surprising as the rest of the use of space seems so well thought out. But this seems to me in an odd place. But perhaps it functions well.

Check out this unique new RV and RV shower setup and let us know your thoughts. It’s worth a look just to see what they did with the bathroom!



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Alain T.
1 month ago

This is news only to americans. Many European class Bs and Cs have been using this type of hidden shower stall.
We’ve rented units in Scandinavia and in Europe six, seven years ago and found this to be very efficient and easy to use, even at 6’1″ and 220Lbs. Have been waiting for someone to re-invent the wheel over here… finally been done. Let’s hope this catches on and is used in many more models.

1 month ago

Already seen in Adria Supreme vans years ago

1 month ago

Sure looks smart! Now….to see if I can turn around in it…or bend down. That is
the true test!

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