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Minimizing RV condensation: What to do about damaging interior moisture

By Cheri Sicard
I confess, I purposely sought out this video because I am currently dealing with the issue of RV condensation myself.

Living on a beach in Mexico in the winter has presented RV challenges I did not face in the heat of summer. As always, the air is moist. But the colder outdoor temperatures have clashed with the warmer air inside my RV to produce condensation on the windows throughout.

Jared Gillis from All About RVs is here to help with a handful of practical tips to help. And this is definitely an issue you will want to minimize because:

  • Too much moisture can damage sidewalls.
  • Water can drip from indoor vents.
  • Mold and mildew can grow. Eeewww!

Jared begins with the cause of condensation, which is mainly a difference between interior and exterior temperatures, especially if the air is moist.

Be sure to watch the video for additional tips and more details, but here are Jared’s tips for reducing RV condensation:

#1: Choose your heat source wisely. Some heat sources actually add moisture to the air, others have no effect. Jared covers the options in Step 1.

#2: Use an active dehumidifier. A small dehumidifier or two, depending on the size of your RV, will pull water out of the air that you can then dump down the drain.

#3: Find ways to remove water and humidity from your RV. These can include mopping up condensation with a rag, opening shower vents and turning on vans, and cooking outdoors when possible.

#4: Air out the RV when you can. Pick the right time when temps are warm enough and air everything out.

Using these simple tips will go a long way toward removing moisture from your RV and keeping RV condensation from forming in the first place.



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20 days ago

I’m waiting for your winter Mexican experience also. My sister and husband have been going to Mazatlan for the winters. I’ve been five times and have scoped out the RV parks. I do not want to travel with the RV without a caravan (they fly). It would be nice to have a group go down together. Looking forward to your article!

Mr. A
21 days ago

Family Dollar sells Moisture Eliminators. They are a small container that has calcium chloride and charcoal inside. Placing one or more of them in closets captures moisture in the unit.

Bill Semion
22 days ago

open a window

20 days ago
Reply to  Bill Semion

That only helps if the humidity is lower outside than in the rv.

22 days ago

Aside from the humidity, I would like the author to write an article all about her wintering on a Mexican beach!!

Cheri Sicard
22 days ago
Reply to  mimi

That is on the way. I have lived off and on on a Mexican Beach for the past 6 years. I am currently off grid on the Sea of Cortez and it is INCREDIBLE (I normally live on the other coast).

22 days ago

When we are home in Florida I use a regular house dehumidifier, it might be over kill but at least we don’t have a moisture problem. When on the road we use a small countertop along with AC that seems to work well.

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