Video: Modern radial tire assembly – worldwide


RV Tire Safety

with RV tire expert Roger Marble

Here is a very good 10-minute video from a number of different companies on how modern radials tires are “built,” how some of the material is processed, tires are cured, handled in the warehouse and even how some retreads are made.

There isn’t a tire plant worker in the world (China, Europe, or the U.S.) that would not recognize what the equipment is doing.

Yes, the machines are painted different colors and the robotic handling of the tires is done with different equipment, but the end result is almost identical.

This uniformity in the process is why I have so much difficulty in accepting the idea that because a tire is built in one country, it is automatically more likely to fail than when it is made in another country.


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Hi Roger:

Can you explain briefly what the number of Belts have on a tire and what exactly is the PLY Rating. 2 different things I imagine??

For instance, I have Sailun 17.5 inch tires, H Rated, 16 Ply.

Appreciate your response.



Great Video Roger!

I don’t like to assume anything, but I am guessing that whatever country or manufacturer there is around the World, they all make Various tires in BATCHES. Correct? Allowing the manufacturer to better track the tires, for quality control purposes. Seems I read someplace, that they all Do Sample Tests on various batches, ie. spin tests to ensure quality and integrity of their products! Is that true or not?

Once again, this is great information.