Video: Motorhome tows two trailers, stretches 122 feet!


How would like to drive this Powerhouse Coach motorhome down the highway — towing a trailer plus a boat — 122 feet long altogether? The four-slide coach is 52 feet long all by itself, and in this case it effortlessly tows a 38,000-pound cargo trailer, and then a boat behind that. The three-vehicle hookup is pretty darn close to half a football field long. Amazing!


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Dr4Film ----- Richard

The owner most likely has a CDL and applies for special road permits for any states and highways where he plans to travel.

Mark R.

No way this is legal. I drove doubles for 15 years. Not to mention where do you park such a thing legally?


Is this even legal. I would think it is way too long to be legal

Dwight N.

Can this be driven as shown in all States?

Laura P Schulman

…..but why….?

Mountain Man

Too bad he is limited to which states he can drive it in, not to mention having to plan far ahead for roads that he travels.

Ron Gardner

When I worked at Idaho Tourism, I arranged a “press trip” or visit to Idaho for a group of folks who write about the RV industry and produce TV shows about RV’ing. We visited Doug’s business and he took us for a ride. I think one of the TV crews, from Canada, later bought an RV from Doug for their travels around North America. Great to come across this video on Chuck Woodbury’s newsletter!!