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RV awning replacement the easy way: You CAN do it yourself

By Cheri Sicard
The YouTube video below saved me a lot of money, time, and headaches. It shows just how easy RV awning replacement can be. Or, I should say how easy replacing the RV awning fabric can be. This video assumes your RV already has the RV awning hardware installed.

The video features Dometic or A&E manual awnings, very common types of RV awnings that will be familiar to MANY of you.

Replacing your RV awning yourself can save you HUNDREDS of dollars over paying someone to do the job for you.

Before beginning, of course, you will need to obtain new RV awning fabric. I ordered mine from ShadePro, who was helpful in making sure I had the proper size as my used RV did not come with owner’s manuals. But there are many RV awning manufacturers to choose from.

RV awning replacement: Three sets of hands is best

I am not the most mechanical person in the world and neither is my best friend, which is why I hired someone with more experience to help remodel my travel trailer.

Said best friend was happy about that decision as he had little desire to learn these skills or to get involved with the project at all. Fair enough.

However, when it came time to replace the awning, we needed an extra pair of hands. The method outlined in the video below is easy enough, but it does take three people to pull it off.

When I ask my friend to help, he reluctantly agreed but not before getting into a little negative energy dig.

Just so you know, this is not going to be an easy job. I don’t care what the YouTube video says,” he matter-of-factly informed me.

Burnt out as I was on the project by that point—it was at the tail end of an RV remodel that had gone over both time and budget—I likely snapped back with something to the effect of, “Are you going to help or just complain about how difficult it might be?

DIY RV awning replacement

replacing an RV awning
DIY RV Awning replacement was not difficult at all.

Turns out my friend was totally wrong. The job wasn’t difficult at all. The YouTube video was correct on all counts.

By following the awesome RV Geeks video, that takes ALL of the guesswork away, the three of us had smooth sailing with the RV awning replacement project.

We started by gathering all the tools.  Most are pretty standard. The one thing I did not have, but thankfully my handyman helper did, was a rivet gun. I was also able to borrow a ladder from the neighbors.

After that, we put the video on, watched the first step, paused the video, and did it.  Watched the second step, paused, and did that, etc., etc., etc.

Everything was exactly where the RV Geeks said it would be and worked the way they said it would. By following their advice, my beautiful new RV awning was installed in no time.

Isn’t your RV awning getting a little worn and ratty?

Why not let the RV Geeks’ informative DIY RV awning replacement video help you remedy that?




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