Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Video: See RVs destroyed by Hurricane Dorian

If you’d like to get an idea of how an RV can withstand a major hurricane, watch this video from Emerald Isle, North Carolina, which was slammed by Hurricane Dorian in early September.

The video runs a long 7 minutes (could have been edited to 2 minutes), but within that time you will see dozens of RVs either destroyed or slammed side-by-side with others, which surely caused significant damage.

The video illustrates why it’s a terrible idea to remain in an RV with a violent storm on the way. In some of the RVs you’ll see here, the RVs are no more than a stack of rubble with the wheels sticking up somewhere. Nobody would have ever survived in one of those when the storm hit.


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Abe Loughin
2 years ago

The safety warnings given in the article accompanying the video are spot on and should be heeded. That said, it’s obvious that the RVs are in a storage lot and were originally parked just inches away from each other.