Thursday, June 1, 2023


How to sell your RV for maximum profit

By Cheri Sicard
A lot of folks seem to be getting OUT of RVing lately. If that’s you, the team from RV Lifestyle is here to show you how to sell your RV for maximum profit in this segment from their RV podcast.

While you can use services to help you sell your RV, the most profitable way will be to do it yourself. To be sure, there are pros and cons to doing this and they discuss these in the video as well as other ways of selling your RV.

How to sell your RV step by step

The team makes it easy by laying the process out step by step.

#1 Determine what your RV is worth: The team suggests starting by checking the value at J.D. Power. Keep in mind this is only a low ballpark estimate and in line with what a dealer is likely to offer you on a trade-in deal.

#2 Clean and stage the RV: You want to show your RV to potential buyers in its best light, so make sure to have it meticulously clean. The team also suggests removing all personal items and staging it like you would if you were selling a home so the owners can envision themselves in it. I can say from experience that most people don’t bother to do this, so you will put yourself well ahead of the competition if you do.

#3 Fix anything broken: This will eliminate any last-minute surprises during the sale. It will also help the RV pass, should the buyers hire an inspector.

#4 Take good photos: You will need lots of good photos of the interior and exterior of the RV. It doesn’t hurt to include some scenic photos of the RV on some of its trips either.

#5 Hang a sign: They recommend putting a for sale sign on the RV and parking it in a prominent place. I would add, check local ordinances, as not all allow this and you could get a ticket if yours doesn’t.

#6 List it: The video says you can’t beat a listing in, and they also talk about why you might want to avoid Facebook Marketplace.



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1 month ago

Maximum Profit? Not to be confused with Top Dollar or Maximum Value. Haven’t met many RVers that have turned a profit when they sell.

1 month ago
Reply to  Cancelproof

Exactly!!! In the pandemic silliness people may have been able to sell for more than they purchased for, but that is FAR from the norm or today’s environment.

Also, Nadaguides (now JDPower) is usually a good guide to RV value AT THE LOW RANGE AND NOT ADDING OPTIONS. It is not what a dealer will offer! They will offer a much lower wholesale or trade value. JDPower is retail. Of course, nothing wrong with starting a little high.

Perhaps the video makers are new and only experienced the last two years, making them experts, of course.

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