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Take a tour of 15 amazing celebrity motorhomes and RVs

Surprise! Celebrities like RVs just as much as the rest of us. Sure, some of the celebrity motorhomes and trailers profiled in the video below might be a tad more luxurious than what MOST of us are used to, but it is RV life nonetheless.

This video gives a quick overview of 15 celebrity motorhomes. Aside from Matthew McConaughey’s Airstream, which is nice but humble by comparison, these are some over-the-top and mega-expensive RVs. But they sure are fun to look at!

Celebrity motorhomes and RVs covered in the video:

Will Smith’s “The Heat” — A custom-built motorhome by Anderson Mobile Estates costing $2.5 million, the celebrity motorhome is 53 feet long, a double-decker, and towed by a semi-truck. “The Heat” is SO HUGE and so invasive, neighbors in a film location in NYC complained and made Smith move it to a private lot.

Gwen Stefani’s motorhome — A customized Fleetwood diesel motorhome, this motorhome’s most intriguing feature has to be the bed that can be adjusted depending on the number of people staying in it.

Dolly Parton’s “Gypsy Wagon” — Currently on display at Parton’s Tennessee theme park, Dollywood, this 1994 Prevost motorhome cost $750,000 and was the top of the line when it was new. It features a custom pink bedroom, bunks for visiting family, two showers, a full kitchen, a lounge area, a makeup room, and a closet just for wigs. (We wrote about Dolly’s RV a couple of years ago. Peek inside it here.)

Mariah Carey’s motorhome — Carey’s $1.8 million motorhome has to be seen to be believed. The 18-wheeler vehicle expands horizontally to 60 feet and a telescoping roof raises to reveal a second-story dance floor. More than 50 people can comfortably attend a party in the downstairs lounge.

John Mayer’s EarthRoamer — A 26-foot EarthRoamer 15 LTS, 7-ton vehicle based on a Ford F-550 chassis, this RV comes with serious off-road capabilities that allow it to go most anywhere.

Jeff Daniels’s motorhome — The star of the movie “RV,” Jeff Daniels, is actually an avid real-life RVer, as evidenced by his luxurious 42-foot Gulf Stream Tour Master motorhome.

Jamie Foxx’s “Off Script” — Built by Anderson Mobile Estates, Foxx’s celebrity motorhome costs in excess of $1 million and is towed by a semi-truck. Although it rarely moves as it’s used for the set of Foxx’s online talk show “Off Script.”

Ashton Kutcher’s Mobile Estate — Kutcher’s motorhome cost $2 million and features two floors, and 1100 square feet of living space including two bathrooms a conference suite, and a full kitchen. It’s 53 feet long, and 17 feet wide when opened.

Kellie Pickler’s motorhome, “Faye” — Pickler’s motorhome is a customized Tiffin, that includes kennels for her dogs and a custom-made shoe closet.

Matthew McConaughey’s Airstream aka “The Canoe” — A 28-foot Airstream CCD International, McConaughey travels in the Canoe now, but he used to run his production company from it as well. He plans to one day own an Airstream Hotel.

Timbaland’s Mobile Music Studio — Not wanting to be creatively stifled when on the road, Timbaland partnered with Verizon in 2008 to create an album entirely recorded in his state-of-art music studio bus and RV.

Vin Diesel’s motorhome — A $1.1 million custom celebrity motorhome, with an extra $70k spent on technology, Diesel’s RV features 1100 square feet of living space across 2 floors, two bedrooms, a kitchen, bedroom, and even a children’s playroom. The actor even ships the motorhome around the world with him when he travels or goes on international locations.

Robert DeNiro’s RV — DeNiro fell in love with RVing while filming “Meet the Fockers,” appreciating the control and familiar surroundings of his luxury RV over the unpredictability of modern airline travel. DeNiro’s motorhome cost $2 million, and features two stories and a dedicated screening room on the top floor that seats 30.

Brad Pitt’s trailer — Costing more than $1 million, the 48-foot, semi-pulled motorhome has lots of space for Pitt’s large family. The kitchen alone cost $60,000 to install.

Simon Cowell’s “Producer Pad” — Another two-story, semi-pulled behemoth, Cowell’s 30-ton 22-wheeler has the same exterior as Will Smith’s, but the interior is quite different. It includes a free-standing bathtub, a 2nd-floor movie theater, a bar, and dedicated production offices for Cowell’s staff. It even carries more than $150,000 worth of medical equipment, rivaling Air Force One for medical emergency preparedness.




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