Friday, October 22, 2021


Dolly Parton takes you on a tour of her RV

It’s not often you get to see the interior of a celebrity’s RV – in this case, Dolly Parton’s custom-built 1994 Prevost coach. So here’s your chance. Dolly invited Oprah Winfrey inside her RV and shows it off from front to back. You won’t believe how small Dolly’s “private bathroom” is and its child-size bathtub. But, as Dolly tells Oprah, “I’m a tiny person.”

She even opens a cupboard to reveal her many wigs. Dolly says she spends a lot of time in bed, which she shows off. She explains how it also serves as her place to pray, complete with a prayer altar.

Dolly tells Oprah that she likes to cook and eats most of her meals in the RV, and she shows off her well-stocked and well-organized refrigerator. She explains to Oprah that she never stays in hotels anymore.

Dolly shows off her makeup area where she gets herself “Dollyfied,” as Oprah calls it.

Dolly says she usually has a couple of drivers on board, and there’s a bunk bed for each one.


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Elizabeth Alderman
11 months ago

Wow…your Rv is exquisite! I can only dream my 2007 POC, falling apart trailer, looked anywhere near as Amazing as yours does Dolly. Totally impressed! You’re like an Angel to me. Going straight to heaven with my dad. He’s got Major cords 2! Francis Kulawik. Look for him on the other side. When You’re ready. He’ll be amongst Gods Choir. As will you!

11 months ago

I love Dolly, She is one of the best human beings as well as singer/song writer ever.

Bob Copeland
11 months ago

Who doesn’t love Dolly? One of the most beautiful people in the world.