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Video: Unhappy campers vent on TV about Camping World

ABC TV-8 in Richmond, Virginia, profiled some local RVers last week who are fed up with Camping World due to bad customer service, long service delays and poor quality workmanship.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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M W (@guest_96969)
3 years ago

Salt Lake City’s Camping world is the same, very poor customer service.

Ed H. (@guest_80064)
3 years ago

Camping World (CW) has been going down hill, in our opinion, for a few years now. It’s been a frustrating experience. But in fairness, I’ve had some work done that was great but mostly I’ve had frustrating experiences from the sales people to parts and service with my experiences applicable to several locations.

An observational comment, watching the video CW is hiring at $21 an hour yet charges us $149 at our local CW. Wow!!! Somebody is making money.

After trying to deal with some problems with an RV that I purchased from CW (a) at a location 2-hours away, then taking it to a CW (b) 20-minutes away with problems caused by poor workmanship done at the CW (a), I learned that my local CW (b) had to first get approval for payment from the original CW (a) for the work. I assumed that CW was just one really big company. Nope! As it was explained to me, our local CW was actually three separate businesses in one location. One was for service, a second sold parts and the third was for RV sales. So the parts department sells to the service department that sells to me, the consumer with each having to make money to ensure survival. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that another middleman will cost you more. This is also the reason that buying from CW on-line gets you a better price for parts but you can’t take it in to your local CW and have them now install this item because you didn’t buy it from them. On-line is a separate business. I learned all of this from talking to the employees at my local CW.

If you have watched the TV show “The Profit” as we have, and really pay attention, you will see he does this same thing with many other businesses he buys into.

John D. (@guest_79918)
3 years ago

While I am not a Camping World lover, I do have to say that a lot of the problems mentioned in this video was of their own making.

First off…why would anyone just leave their RV at a repair facility without any kind of idea of when the pickup date would be…and then hold them to it?

Oh yeah…that’s right…they think that they are getting free storage for the winter…hhhmmmmm!

And for the person that left food in the fridge for two months…what the heck were they thinking?

That is a common sense issue right there…

Also…the tow vehicle that the lady had was WAY TOO SMALL for that travel trailer…

Anyway…people do need to take responsibility for their own actions and not let Camping World, or any other dealership, do this kind of stuff!

Mark (@guest_69506)
3 years ago

After all the bad press that Camping world has had. Why would anyone go there. If your looking to buy new, you have a lot of better options.

William Henry Johnson (@guest_46366)
4 years ago

What we have is a few people complaining about service and sales staff at the largest RV dealer in the US. Go on line and see the long list of complains against RV dealers. I have bought three fifth wheel trailers from Camping World in Katy, TX (Houston) and once I felt that they keep it to long for repairs. That has been my experience and I would buy another one from them tomorrow!

Gary R (@guest_46315)
4 years ago

What a shame to see what has happened to a once good RV dealership. We bought our Class C about three and a half years ago at McGeorges when it was still a family owned shop. We were treated with respect and experienced no pressure from our salesman. Any problems with our rig were addressed promptly before delivery. It was a pleasant buying experience.

The reason we had chosen McGeorges was price, but we came to appreciate them for the service we received. They weren’t perfect, but they always made the effort. It seems like that’s gone now. CW is slowly taking away our buying choices.

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