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William Henry Johnson

What we have is a few people complaining about service and sales staff at the largest RV dealer in the US. Go on line and see the long list of complains against RV dealers. I have bought three fifth wheel trailers from Camping World in Katy, TX (Houston) and once I felt that they keep it to long for repairs. That has been my experience and I would buy another one from them tomorrow!

Gary R

What a shame to see what has happened to a once good RV dealership. We bought our Class C about three and a half years ago at McGeorges when it was still a family owned shop. We were treated with respect and experienced no pressure from our salesman. Any problems with our rig were addressed promptly before delivery. It was a pleasant buying experience.

The reason we had chosen McGeorges was price, but we came to appreciate them for the service we received. They weren’t perfect, but they always made the effort. It seems like that’s gone now. CW is slowly taking away our buying choices.