Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Video: Where motorhomes go to die

This video from Marc and Julie Bennett is outstanding. The Bennetts visit a Kentucky RV salvage yard with about 1,500 motorhomes on 100 acres — destroyed by a variety of causes — engine fires, refrigerator fires, accidents, and blown front tires that sent the RV out of control. They visit one motorhome that was abandoned with much of its contents still inside — games, children’s toys, even a toaster on the kitchen counter.

Watching this is an eerie experience. The drone footage and the well-chosen music make this a most unusual video and one you won’t soon forget. It runs 20 minutes.


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2 years ago

I looked at the sign in the video and googled it and came up with:

Joseph Eafrati
3 years ago

What is the website for this RV graveyard?

RV Staff
3 years ago
Reply to  Joseph Eafrati

Here’s the website address, Joseph: We hope you find what you want/need. 😀 —Diane at

Steve A Mangrum
2 years ago
Reply to  Joseph Eafrati

3 years ago

This doesn’t seem to be a graveyard where RVs go to die but a salvage yard where RV parts go to get a second chance.

Audrey W-LaBelle
3 years ago

What is the address of the RV scrap yard in Kentucky, and phone number please. Kermitt

3 years ago

Wondering what will be left behind in another 20 years? Just a junkyard in the middle of the forest? Surely there is some requirement for the disposal of those units that are completely stripped and useless?

Phil Atterbery
3 years ago

Now I know where my replacement engine came from.
Every RV owner should see this video or walk thru an RV salvage yard near them.

Roger Marble
3 years ago

Some crashes were probably the result of a failed tire. Almost all tire failures, as I cover in my blog can occur on new and old tires from external causes such as punctures (air loss) or poor maintenance (low air pressure) or long term abuse (overloading or high speed). While it is true that it may take a detailed inspection from an experienced tire engineer to learn the real reason for a failure, in my experience as a forensic tire inspection engineer, the root cause can be discovered most of the time. I know of no tire that failed because the zip code or country of origin is the “cause”. I have even investigated a couple of tire fires and while tires will burn, it is very difficult to have a tire start the fire. Usually, there is an external ignition source such as dragging brake or bearing failure which can ignite the oil or grease which in turn can ignite a tire. I do cover melting Polyester in tires but that occurs at about 350 – 400F while the ignition temperature of rubber is in excess of 600F and I do not know how to generate that temperature in a tire as it normally is shedding pieces at the 300 to 400F temperature. BUT if you maintain your tires and monitor their pressure with a TPMS, you should not worry about a tire causing a fire and hopefully not causing a crash either.

3 years ago

A Very Good Video that these Folks put together.

The one word that comes to mind is COMPLACENCY! Of course Safety and Preventative Maintenance should be the KEY to keeping your RV up to DATE and SAFE.

Far too many people are Complacent about Safety and the idea “It won’t happen to me”!

There are so many Unsafe drivers and RV’ers on the road it makes your head spin.

And like the Bennett’s said, most of these Dead RV’s are from Tire Blow outs or Tire Fires! Yes, Tires can catch on fire while driving down the road, from Low Tire pressure on the inside duels, to overheated brakes. These are things that must be checked frequently to insure your trip and RV are Safe.

Over 4000 RV fires occur each year and the #2 cause is FRIDGE Fires! I would love to see the RV Industry get away from GAS / ELECTRIC Fridges and start installing Residential Style Fridges in all RV’s!

I always tell people, SAFETY should NEVER Be Compromised!

Have a good safe day!

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

I think residential fridges come with their own set of problems. I’ve liked our gas/electric fridges for over 20 years.

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