Monday, December 5, 2022


Is a ghost at the wheel of this burning, moving motorhome?


This is the most bizarre video of an RV fire our editors have ever seen and begs the question, “Do you believe in ghosts?” Watch it below.

It happened on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand and begins with a motorhome engulfed in flames. Nobody could possibly be alive inside.

And then, as spectators watch, the motorhome’s headlights suddenly turn on. And then they turn off. And it happens over and over again. The bystanders are baffled.

And then, suddenly, the RV’s horn honks and the RV begins to travel across the street as if someone is at the wheel, until it runs into a tree and stops, now almost totally engulfed in flames. The fire department eventually arrives and douses the flames in a minute or two.

The owner of the RV said later that he and his wife had enjoyed many wonderful adventures in the RV until she died while aboard it three years earlier. Do you believe in ghosts? Very strange!

Watch the video below.


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4 months ago

Cowardly Lion: “I do believe in spooks….”

4 months ago

The emergency fire station must have been located some distance away. You will notice that the lights, engine and horn didn’t start acting up until the fire reached the front of the caravan. Definitely not ghost related but fire related.

Last edited 4 months ago by Dr4Film

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