Thursday, December 9, 2021


Wacky RVs of the Week: Planes, trains and automobiles!

This week’s Wacky RVs include planes, trains and automobiles. I remember traveling through the West and having that rare sighting of the Oscar Meyer hotdog mobile, but I have never seen anything as cool as these projects below. Just sit back and imagine the vision these builders must have had to turn their love of planes, trains, or automobiles into usable recreation vehicles.

Wacky plane RV

A dream of Gino Lucci, an Air Force Veteran, was to build a motorhome out of an old airplane. He did just that! Dubbed “The Fabulous Flamingo,” this 300-square-foot RV is legally certified to drive in all 50 states. He used a 1943 Douglas DC-3 Transport aircraft in 2019 and you can see the results of the renovation! Read more about this DC-3 RV in Kate Doherty’s post here. (Pictures and video included.)

Wacky Train RV

This caboose travel trailer was converted by a grandfather that wanted to have a place to travel with his grandkids. How fun it must have been for those kids traveling in a big red caboose! He bought the caboose at the annual Ashland Train Day in Ashland, VA. The current owners run the website VacationMaybe.

Wacky auto rv

This 40-foot beauty is made in Germany by Volkner Mobil and comes with a garage to hold your Porsche, Ferrari, or two-door Mercedes. It is completely customizable and has a price tag in the range of $1.75 million. Photo courtesy of Volkner Mobil. Read Tony Barthel’s review of this beast here.

RV looks like Santa Fe engineYou can get the idea that I have a fascination with trains. Hopefully the inside of this is not as blah as those experienced by a train engineer. Would you stop if you saw this coming at you on a two-lane road and wonder if you missed some RR crossing lights?

We know nothing about this RV, but can only speculate that it was not mass-produced. Or if it was, hitting bridges and low overpasses became a serious issue and it quickly fell out of favor. But you have to admit, it’s mighty unusual. Sorry, but we don’t have any interior shots, which would certainly be interesting.

Do you have a wacky RV to share? Tell us about it and send a photo (or website) in the form below.

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25 days ago

I believe the last one was made from a powerboat.

25 days ago
Reply to  Gigi

I was going to say “a boat” so, I’ll agree with you!

Ron T.
25 days ago

The Flamingo was at Oshkosh’s EAA AirVenture this year in the Fly Market area so apparently belonged to that vendor. My take on the Santa Fe locomotive is that it’s a parade vehicle only since it lacks lights, mirrors, and other equipment required to be legal vehicle, but is cool to see anyway.

25 days ago
Reply to  Ron T.

The Santa Fe has one head light, corner lights that can act as running lights and turn signals and if you enlarge the photo you will notice a mirror