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Water only coming from the RV shower, not the sink. Why?

Ever have one of those feelings? You know … like someone is pranking you? That’s how I felt recently. We’d just bought a new-to-us fifth wheel and were eager to do a quick shakedown trip. The closest RV park was less than ten miles away, so we planned to spend most of a day cleaning and then repacking the “new” rig with supplies from our previous RV.

Everything went smoothly until I tried to fill a bucket with water from the kitchen sink. No water! The floors really needed to be mopped, but I couldn’t get any water from the bathroom sink either! So, I went outside to check the water hookup. At the same time, hubby came around the RV from the opposite direction. He filled a bucket of water using the inside shower spigot. Then he went outside to find a rag. When I walked back into the kitchen, I saw the bucket of water and did a double-take!

How did hubby get water and I couldn’t?

As I was trying to figure out just what was going on, hubby came back. I explained the problem of no water. He insisted that he got water from the shower sprayer. It was true! Water flowed freely from the shower, but neither sink cooperated.

Before tearing into the water connections under the rig, hubby thought to check the sink aerators. (The aerator has a small screen or metal filter that fits inside the faucet nozzle.) Both sink aerators were completely clogged with sediment. After a quick rinse, the aerator screens were clean, and water flowed freely from the sink faucets.

It was a good lesson for us. Now we periodically check the aerator screens on all our faucets. All we do is unscrew the metal/plastic ring found at the end of the faucet (where water comes out). Inside the mechanism is a small screen. We rinse it clean. If we can’t get it completely clean, we soak the screen in vinegar overnight. That will dissolve the sediment. Then the screen goes back into the aerator. We screw it back in place and have free-flowing water! And that’s no prank!


Repairing dripping bathroom faucets



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1 year ago

From the start with our brand new motorhome we had low flow in both of the bathroom sinks that are Moen residential style. So I removed the aerators and found that there was 5-6 screens in each, removed all but 1 and water flows easily!

H goff
1 year ago

So I’m assuming you have no filter on your water supply and don’t filter water being put into the tank?

1 year ago
Reply to  H goff

Exactly my thoughts.

1 year ago
Reply to  H goff

New trailer to them.

1 year ago
Reply to  H goff

Another thought: new construction, shavings in the pipes from cuts, etc. debris in the lines.

1 year ago

You may want to clean out your Hot water tank with the cleaning wand. Mine gets a lot of Calcium from hard water. So, I do a semi-annual cleaning and installed a hot water Anode rod with a drain valve that opens to drain. Had the exact same thing happen to a friends RV, and he had his for 2 years and never cleaned it! I’ve since installed Clear20 filters and pre-filter to help in some of the sediment from hook up sites. All stuff available on Amazon.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ran

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