What has happened to us, that we are so angry?


With Chuck Woodbury
I was very disheartened last Saturday by many of the remarks about our cover story, which I wrote. I will not even mention the subject for fear of stirring the pot again. More than 400 readers commented, an all-time high for this website. Many of those comments were just plain mean-spirited.

Like many people, I am saddened by the rudeness, the meanness of our society, where so many people are so disrespectful to those who may disagree with their beliefs.

I have written bylined essays for more than three decades. Before the internet I received dozens of letters each week from my readers. They arrived in my mailbox. They were almost never rude. People disagreed with me often, but they did so with respect. Not anymore, not with the Internet.

Liberals hate Conservatives and Conservatives hate Liberals. My grandmother told me when I was a little boy to refrain from using the word “hate” unless I really meant it. I’m sorry, Grandma, for disobeying.

In the two years Gail and I traveled full time in our RV, we met a thousand other RVers. We sat around campfires. We joined together for evening cocktails. I never remember one person jumping on another person because they said something that conflicted with their own beliefs. I am sure those people represented the entire political spectrum. And yet we enjoyed our conversations and laughed often.

Some readers of this newsletter think they know it all; they have all the answers. They are right and those who disagree with them are wrong. They have, what the late motivational speaker Zig Ziglar used to call, “hardening of the attitudes.”

The thing is, if you think about it, the people they verbally assault are almost all good people — “Mom” and “Dad” to their kids and “Grandpa” and “Grandma” to their grandkids. They are treasures to their friends. They go to church, volunteer in their communities, do good deeds. And, like you and me, they enjoy their RVs and the lifestyle we are so fortunate to lead. Their politics may be different. What is so wrong with that? Isn’t that our right in a democracy?

Yet, those mean-spirit people can vent their anger, even hatred, when communicating online. Would they say the same if they were face-to-face? I doubt it.

The internet has given everyone the power to share their views with hundreds, even thousands of others. All one needs is a computer or smartphone. The person they attack is faceless, as are they. What has happened to some people that they are so disrespectful to others? Most of us are trying our best. We don’t attack our next door neighbors for being different, but strangers … bombs away! Is it wrong that we should say what we believe, in hopes that in conversation (or in writing) we can come to understand others’ points of view? How do we ever learn, even grow, if we stop exploring ideas that conflict with our own?

To those of you who respect others, who enjoy hearing others’ opinions, you are to be treasured in today’s angry world. I hope you remain a part of this audience for as long as I can move my fingers across a keyboard.


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bravo… I’ve left bulletin boards because of this. I’ve seen a person ask a simple question be taken to their knees because someone else asked the same question a year ago and heaven forgive them because they didn’t search the archives. The fundamental idea if a BBS is to allow people to ask questions and seek answers. Yes, you are correct. It’s too easy to criticize a faceless person. The internet has done so much good for us and so much bad has come from it too.


Ah yes, the problem and the answer. This world runs on Money.. Power.. and Sex. If your lacking in one or more of these areas you are angry at other people that have the one(s) you’re missing in life. Listen carefully to what people say in a conversation or watch how they act in any given situation you can quickly figure out which area they’re lacking in and are trying to make up for it. Just get on the highway and drive 10 MPH over the speed limit in the fast lane you’ll see what I mean. I drive a… Read more »

Gail Behrle

Well said Chuck!

David R Van Gelder

Chuck, I am a 76 year old retired farmer from Vermont and I could not agree with you more. In addition to the internet being available we also have been inundated from our leader in Washington who should be setting the example for our country. Instead he tries to act like a dictator who has no regard for his words and deeds. Words have consequences ! His example for our country is to bully his opponents, threaten if he doesn’t get his way, be just down right mean when it suits him. Our president has set our country back many… Read more »


It is our right to voice our opinions but in a respectful manner and not with force or I’m right,your wrong! I think it is because people can be anonymous and hide their identity.


It called “Internet muscles”, it’s the new way to bully people and you get to walk away unscathed. They will beat you with experience. You did it in High School so you know who you are.
Try it in person, sport.

Captn John

I get ads I do not like in my mail box and with the newspaper. They are ignored. If not for Chuck’s strong dislike of CW and it’s CEO the ad would not have been mentioned. It would have been ignored. At the very least stating CW is selling guns was only to cause an uproar as CW is NOT selling guns, they simply included an ad of a sister company. Chuck needs to get past the hate of CW and Marcus as it is only going to grow and not go away. Please don’t start the “20 year loan”… Read more »

Dry Creek

Well, to be fair – I only have one question.

I’m a Lifetime Member of GS (purchased just before the unfortunate political stance taken by ML). I usually get all of the junk mail in the world from them. I have never received any of their catalogs advertising sporting arms.

I feel cheated.

Carolyn M. Ausborn

I just joined this discussion site for RVers and read Chuck Woodbury’s article above about all of the naysayers on this site, angry and rude comments directed at him. I am appalled at the lack of respect everywhere now. What gives people license to do this. I have a feeling, Chuck, that the Cyber Bullies (which I believe they are) are also bullies in their real lives. I would bet money, if I were a betting person. People’s characters are changing with changing times. Civility is becoming a dying virtue. Is it wasted on the young? I do not think… Read more »


Wow….sorry for you being attacked, Chuck. What is wrong with the world?
As a Canadian it has been my sad observation that America is becoming more and more negatively divided, especially on internet forums, twitterer etc. and face to face. Why so much hate?

That’s not to exclude us Canadians….we are not perfect.

I wonder at what age people learn to hate? And who are their teacher?

We can do better.



I think if we spend a great deal more time ignoring the establishment media’s claims, which appear to be great catalysts when it comes to widening of the boundaries between groups, that would help – also, the hate doesn’t seem to be nearly so blatant the minute you leave the big city – small town and country folk don’t seem to have nearly the problem with facing opposing opinions/ideals.. is what I’ve noticed… actually very pleasant people…

Steve Winterowd

The only people that can really hurt you are the ones you care about- the rest are like a yapping dog and deserve the same amount of attention. Most folks are good, but the ones hiding behind a screen name seem to feel that it’s okay to be spiteful and mean, just like this nasty little dog a relative had that was a vicious killer when it was safe behind a window or a car door. Once it lost that protection it would quite often wet itself. If you visualize trolls as that dog, it takes a lot of the… Read more »


Well all I can say is that there is a lot of hate out there, and it was further fueled by the most recent election of DT. It will get worse before it gets better I am sorry to say. None the less we don’t condone it, but just to answer to ?Why?


blaming a politician/our president for the current harvest of bad behavior is not the fix either… perhaps if the media spent less time hating, so would people, although in small town America I’m not seeing this hate fest…


Wow! That’s “all you can say”? Your answer is to join the media circus, spout some political nonsense and add another “blame Donald’ comment? Last I looked, both sides have massive guilt on this. That you single out just one person on one side says everything.
And we wonder why we have issues in America????? I know, I know, according to you, every single thing is DT’s fault, right? Amazing.
Here’s a very strong suggestion you might take to heart.
Anyone – ANYONE who wishes we had more civility in America should look straight into the mirror first.

Claud Addicott

tbrown & Relaxing,

I can understand how you interpreted Hosmer’s comment as blaming President Trump for current heightened incivility in this country. This might even have been Hosmer’s intention, but it’s not what was actually written.

Hosmer mentioned the ELECTION of President Trump as fueling the hate – not President Trump himself.

This could easily be interpreted as blaming the reactions of the opponents of President Trump for the increase in hate.

Only Hosmer can say which interpretation – or perhaps both – was intended.


Oh, puhleeze… is there really much difference in blaming something on the “ELECTION” of the man, rather than blaming something on the man himself?! NO, there isn’t & WHY DO SOME FOLKS HAVE TO BRING POLITICS into everything?! We’re talking about people replying in a rude and/or hurtful manner, nothing more!

michael hayes

Chuck you are doing it again! You are refusing to take responsibility for YOUR disingenuous remarks last week, which were bound to provoke some blunt comments. I will cop to being blunt. You insisted that you were taking neither a pro nor anti-gun position, but merely asked the innocent question whether GS should be “involved” in selling firearms. Total nonsense and an insult to your readership’s intelligence. You took a transparently anti-gun position. Then you refused to admit you had done so, and called us mean when we called you out. And this week you are back on your hobby… Read more »


Amen –

Sheridan J Ball

I think you need to follow your own advice, Michael Hayes. “Let it go, man!”


Amen to that!



Gene Bjerke

It is so easy to hide behind a “handle.” Would the internet be more courteous if we all had to use our full, real names?

michael hayes

In todays fascist society where one can be fired, deplatformed, blacklisted, boycotted and in other countries-arrested- for expressing the “wrong” opinion one would be stupid NOT to “hide” behind a handle.


Watching Christianne Amanpour interview James Comey this past week on CNN was all one had to know about where America is headed if we do not stop this dangerous PC ugliness.
You want to knock my ciews and be crass about it – have at it. We should NEVER give in to those who wish to judge our speech. This is not France or the UK. Say what you want.
The most dangerous government is the one that is able to legally judge our FREE SPEECH.

Sink Jaxon

Personally, I believe the answer to this is, there is a spiritual declination, or withdrawal going on in this world, becoming worse as the years go by. It’s very evident in the US as the Godless minority’s fight to remove all aspects of Christianity out of every aspect of society, replacing a lot of it with immoral behavior especially in our school systems and universities. The further we move away from God, the less self respect we have which is directly related to respect for others. I’m 60 y.o. and I notice it more and more, from civility to common… Read more »

Michael Dees

Chuck, the issue was as pronounced as if you had suggested that freedom of speech or freedom of religion be questioned. The 2nd ammendment may not be that kind of issue to you and I respect that. But imagine the indignation if you had used the N-word for example. 2nd amendment supporting people heard that as if you had carelessly used it. I realize you do not understand that as reasonable or on the same level of offence but believe me people reacted with the same intensity. Not a liberal vs conservative thing necessarily. It is shame that not all… Read more »

Sheridan J Ball

Here, Here!

Pamela Hill

I agree with your assessment of angry rude comments. The same people would never say the same things in person. Online bullying is a real thing.

Carolyn M. Ausborn

As a retired teacher, I have to concur that Online Bullying is a real thing, Pamela Hill. But, I believe that there are other forms of bullying that the inherent or conditioned bully uses. It is not just online. It is on the playground, in your face, many real-life situations the bully instigates, including online. They will do anything to get to someone they detest or want to hurt, for any number of reasons. Why? Because they can and THAT is the saddest part of all of this. Online bullying has been around for a long time. I trained teachers… Read more »


My mother always told me not to discuss religion, politics or sex with casual acquaintances and I lived by that mantra for my entire professional life. Now that I’m retired and traveling, I find it continues to serve me well in having pleasant encounters with new people in my everyday life.


Somehow in my foggy brain I missed something. Someone here attacked someone else verbally? Wow. How rude. So without trying to start something what did I miss? I am always the odd man out when it comes to missing all the fun. I think I know but if it was what it is? Man some people need to get a life. I saw someone here attack someone who is a non payer. I get it. Some of us can’t for one reason or another and I saw the attack and I say if you have the money? Maybe for someone… Read more »

Kathy Engell

Go back to last weeks issue and read it all.


Right on Chuck! Your words are true. When I run into those who start telling me how / what to believe I just explain to them that “I’m not arguing with them, I’m just telling them why I’m right”.
I too, look forward to your newsletters and tell all my friends about how good this weekly letter is.


The problem is, basically, conservatives live in non socialist states and pay less taxes and have more money to travel and are happier in general. When you at an rv camp and you have your flag out blazing in the sun next to your military flag, it’s awesome showing people that you actually served to protect there freedom of being stupid. Well in my experience, the only people I get stupid looks are usually the walking dead, you know who you are. I usually wave and smile because this is the greatest country in the world and if they don’t… Read more »




Let’s see. We’re stupid, walking dead, and should leave. Wow! Three insults in one brief paragraph. Perhaps you are part of the civil communication problem being discussed?


Chuck. You hit the nail on the head. With some people there is no middle ground. If you don’t agree with them your wrong and several other words I won’t mention here.

David Sisson

Chuck, I am not a paying member, but I have followed your web site for a long time and I am always telling other folks about your site. I do not make a comment on things, but I can not let this pass me bye. You are right on the money. I share your thoughts on how people can hide behind a keyboard and have so much anger. I guess we are a dying breed, sure we are all different , that is what makes the world go around. As some of the younger people say, It’s time to (… Read more »

Richard Snyder

Since you have followed the newsletter for some time, isn’t it time to join those of us who support Chuck with our money as well as our words?

RV Staff

Thank you for the thought/suggestion, Richard. We appreciate your support and that of other member-readers. But we also appreciate our readers who are not contributors. Many would like to, but simply can’t afford to. But maybe they “support” us by shopping through our Amazon affiliate link. And David says he’s “always telling other folks about (our) site.” We appreciate that very much, also! So, thank you Richard and David, and the rest of you who read our newsletters, support us financially one way or another, and who “spread the word.” We very much appreciate all of you! 😀 —Diane at… Read more »

Scott Ellis

Amen, Chuck. I’m saddened–if, alas, not surprised–to see that a number of the responses to *this* column are in the same unpleasant vein. People don’t even hear themselves, I think.


I see nothing wrong with Camping World selling firearms. You made the statement “Again, your respectful, intelligent comments are invited.” and you received what you asked for due to your condescending guidelines. You are inferring that those of us who believe in the Second Amendment are disrespectful and not intelligent and require your Liberal coaching. We should have anticipated your views considering you live in a Sanctuary State and that Washington State was the first to implement the Red Flag Warning law. I hope you learned from your attempt to educate readers about shopping and how to behave and will… Read more »


“condescending guidelines”?


So let’s insult the entire state of Washington?
That’s helpful? Take a breath, Ken.

Michael Flank

It is truly a shame that bitterness has evolved to the point that it has in the world. Out- spoken hatred is not new to the world but, the escalation is. Why can’t we all just get – along and respect each other’s rights to their opinions. We don’t have to agree!
Be thankful that we live in this great world!
Chuck, keep up the great work your writings are greatly appreciated !!!!!!!

Claud Addicott

“Out- spoken hatred is not new to the world but, the escalation is.”

Really? Ever hear of the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, the American Civil War and it’s aftermath… just to name a few?

Do you think these, and similar occurrences throughout history arose in climates of love and tolerance?

Indeed, escalation of out-spoken hatred has generally preceded these types of events throughout human history.


Chuck you asked a simple question last week and i gave my opinion as well as others. Yes there are rude people but don’t let it get to you, I for one enjoy your RV Travel Newsletter, Keep up the good work.


Part of the problem is the tendency to generalize. I remind myself to avoid the “everyone” and “always” kind of thinking regardless of how the idea is generated. Via social stratification through work, neighborhoods, and states, we are often surrounded by folks who think and believe just like we do. Social media and RVtravel type of communication requires us to interact with those of different beliefs/ideas – hence the conflict. As a moderator of an RV forum, I occasionally see inappropriate comments, but our rules strictly regulate discourse to “keep the peace”. That limits those who spew meaness and ridicule… Read more »


Chuck, just continue to love your readers as you have for so long and stay focused on that. A changing social media world has convinced people that by God, they now matter because they can “let er’ rip” online and it makes them feel important. They feel this way because the world at large continues to remind them in so many ways they are insignificant and just a cog in the gigantic wheel o life. Ignore them Chuck. Just minister. That’s all. Thank you for all of the hard work and time you put into your readers. P.S. Goodbye and… Read more »

Rory R

I don’t think it is “hate” or “anger” so much, but the anonymity provided by one sitting in his/her own space on the “other” side of their PC gives a false sense of bravado to some and the vicious comments spew forth that would never happen in person. After spending 30 years of my life working with computers, I really don’t like placing the blame on them. But the fact is, they offer many the opportunity for their alter-ego to emerge. Just my opinion.


I came home from 2nd grade crying. My mother asked what was wrong. Someone had hurt my feelings. She said, “Well, don’t put your feelings out there where they can get stepped on.” When someone says something disparaging to me, I just look and walk away. I assume that leaves them dumbfounded as they did not prompt a response from me – which is what they were after. I just think, ‘that person must have a miserable life, I fee sorry for them’, or ‘I bet his mother would be sad’. Chuck, it amazes me how many people disagree with… Read more »

Michael Latham

Our rights are under attack more than any time in history! We should be angry at the very least. Do you have to go to special course and obtain a license to write this news letter and share your right to freedom of speech? Of course not, but our right to protect ourselves is been eroded everyday. Maybe if you looked at freedom of speech and the right to bear arms in the same light you would not be calling you readers as angry and hateful. You have lost this reader for being so short sighted.


The difference is ….. Chuck’s freedom of speech doesn’t kill people …. your guns do.


Yes, and my fork makes me fat! I also hate it when my car decides to wreck itself…..People kill people, not guns!

Patricia Harvey

Guns don’t kill people. people kill people


Everyone should take the time to see this brilliantly done utube video on the subject of internet interactions … Check it out …


You will laugh but the message is clear …


Superb! and most apropos. . . .


Thumbs up!

Katalin Heymann

I honestly don’t remember the story that got so many haters out to criticize you. I have a landlord that has a tendency to be mean spirited but also a giving person. She also can’t grasp that not all people have the same reactions to drugs, chemicals and even mother nature. All I can do is evade her as much as possible and placate her when I can’t. Unfortunately, the internet has made you a victim of haters. Read a line and delete if they are spewing negativity and hatred.

Dale Regennitter

Chuck, I so agree the disrespect people have today. I wrote a facebook general type to keep political views to themselves. No one will vote by what someone else puts on facebook. We all form our own opinions and vote as we see fit. I will use the military as a point to make. When you were standing among you military comrades, did you care about whether they were a republican or democrat, No. They would cover your back with there own life, because we were all Americans. Be friendly !

Joe Bulger

Mom always told me, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all. Try to find a way to disagree in a polite way so you make friends.

Kenny Goss

Those folks who “attack” others via the internet are nothing more than Keyboard Warriors.

And, no Sir, they don’t attack people when they’re face-to-face.

It’s the anonymity and distance that makes them so dadgum “brave”.

I enjoy (and learn from) your column and website whether I agree with what you write or not.

Y’all keep up the great work.


Unfortunately, your column was a “hot button” issue that is guaranteed to bring out the internet trolls. Having said that, I enjoy your column regardless of whether I agree or not. Always a breath of fresh air to hear another point of view. Please don’t let the trolls win.


I’m a gun guy, and I also carry for a living– so perhaps last weeks column might have set me a bit sideways (I didn’t read it btw). Tony is spot on, you talk about a hot button issue and post it on the web, all kinds of folks come out. But over the years I have learned to give people the opportunity to vent their spleen so we can then have a conversation. And yes, we are a more angry nation no matter the politics. As my grandpa would say– we could use a bit more Jesus. I read… Read more »


I’m sad to say that even campfire chatter turned to heated name calling over political differences. The word “stupid” hurled back and forth across the flames (another word my parents forbade us to say). Lost opportunities to caravan with other folks this winter. I was heartbroken for all the things we had in common – our shared humanity is not the least- political differences, for many, outweighed all the goodness.

Jerry Reff

Very sad indeed. We have allowed the country and our friendships become VERY divided. As Jesus commanded us, “Love one another”


While I did not join the discussion last week concerning the Catalog from Camping World, I did note the comments from a segment of your subscriber community. Having watched the changes in our society over the past eight decades, I am amazed at the changes that have taken place, there is a group that are highly vocal and active in attacking our liberty’s and freedoms. I opine that a group has forsaken responsibility for their actions, lost respect for their fellow citizens, and don’t know shame

Dennis Watson

Unfortunately, from Washington on down we have become a very disrepectfull society. It’s sad, I don’t know what the solution is, but it must change.

Keep up the good work Chuck

Ron James

I spent ’69-’70 in a military conflict in Southeast Asia and witnessed so much savagery and disrespect for human life that it changed me forever. It made me a gentler person. So I must say I’m aghast at what our society has become, esp. in the last 15 or 20 years. The level of hatred these days with regard to politics is just nuts. I remember back in the 70’s there was quite a bit of political comedy to be had (ie : SNL) and it was actually funny for both sides of the aisle. No more!


Welcome to the SE Asia war games club.Been there done that.

Edward Price

I remember a time when “Support our troops in Afghanistan” was an absurdly funny joke, because who in their right mind would ever think that the USA would have troops deployed to the far end of the Earth (Afghanistan). Today, there is no limit on absurdity, and nothing is funny anymore.

Shalon Parrott

As a Mom of a US Marine (infantry, front lines) who served 2 tours in AF… it was and still is for some, all too real. I don’t get on social media much anymore. You are right, there is way too much hate, and the keyboard warrior syndrome bores me.

Captn John

Welcome home. I also am a graduate of the University of South East Asia.

Nancy S Logan

Unfortunately this is not a new phenomenon, but it has worsened drastically in the last few years. For me it started when disagreeing with the war in Iraq was equated with being against our military and unpatriotic. Now, with the anonymity afforded by the internet there sometimes seems to be no filter on haters. Recently I worked with a man in his 30’s. We mostly disagreed on today’s political agendas, but still became friends and found even in our disagreements we could find common ground.


Chuck, I never ever use the ‘H’ word. It is too powerful in my opinion. I may dislike someone or something, but never hate. I also admonished my children and now my grandchildren about using it. I do actually hate it when my blender erupts all over the counter, but that’s a different dictionary meaning.
I didn’t read any actual H filled diatribes, do you have any numbers of how many you had to delete? Just curious, as I know there are some very rude people incapable of normal discourse.

Rick Dowling

I hate it when my blender does that too!! I alao hate it when my beer gets cold! ? I’m just sad that folks can’t be as polite to each other as they were when I was growing up.

Edward Price

But think about it. When you talk about blender and beer inconveniences, and call them causes for hate, aren’t you degrading the definition of hate just to get a laugh? Degrade the definitions of language enough, and the meaning of a word changes. For example, “well regulated” doesn’t mean what it meant 200 years ago. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?


My mom always told me, “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” I try to remember it, not always successfully, but more times than not.

Calvin Wing

Hatred is born from fear. Since hatred is on both sides of the isle it begs the question; where does their fear come from?
For the conservative it comes from seeing the constitution being derided and marginalized by those who don’t understand it’s necessity and value. For the liberal or progressive the hate comes from the leadership who tells the liberals that conservatives and the constitution stand in the way of America becoming Utopia.
? What allows Us to have differing opinions?

Dale Sain

I agree there is an amount of fear involved. Possibly fear of things not going the way you want. To minimize angry responses, I would ask you to NOT put words in my (or others’) mouths. I am a proud retired LtCol and a constitution-loving liberal. Unless you state, “In my opinion, . . .” then I am living proof that every part of your statement is false. Ignoring the wackos on both sides, we liberals understand its value and are not shooting for Utopia. No easy answers, but intelligent solutions.

Rob Kidder

VERY WELL SAID! This should be posted as a headline on all newspaers and the internet news. Most of us retired “OLD” people are tired of the anger and disrespect in this world. As a Vietnam Veteran I have seen enough disrespect and anger.


Thank you for your service to this country.

Debbie Anderson

Sorry that happened to you.

Debbie Jenson

So agree~

Anthony Joel Vinson

In true communist fashion, Chuckie sensors/deletes all dissension.

RV Staff

Nope. I’ll leave your rude comment in here, at least temporarily, Anthony. I think some of our readers might have a difference of opinion. —Diane at RVtravel.com


Not only did Chuck not “sensor/delete” your comment, he didn’t even correct your spelling.

Anthony Joel Vinson

If my original comment on THIS thread wasn’t deleted, then why is it missing, Mickey? Diane, it seems you’ve had a “record amount” of difference of opinion….with Chuck.

RV Staff

It’s back from the Trash, Anthony, so that I could reply to it. Also, please note that more frequently than not, a comment ends up in the Trash due to Spam filters which are in place to protect our readers from lewd/crude/derogatory/etc. comments. Then I go back into the Trash to see if they actually belong there or not, and frequently publish them. Heck, even some of our own writers’ comments, and even Chuck’s, have ended up in the Trash because of the filters! We’re trying to fine-tune the parameters, but still feel it’s better to be safe (over-protective) than… Read more »

Edward Price

Diane: The man posted “In true communist fashion, Chuckie sensors/deletes all dissension.” Just what part of that was either “lewd, crude, derogatory or pornographic” and worthy of being filtered? Sure, it was not flattering, but Editors have had an expectation of being insulted by the lower classes since the days when Vikings were killing monastery scribes. It sounds to me that your “filters” are a long way from the “fine-tuning” stage.

RV Staff

Okay, fine, Edward. Now you’re picking on an old grandma with a brand-new broken leg (but feeling fortunate that it’s not any worse than it is), but I’ll do my best to explain. I can’t tell how comments get into the Trash — whether manually or by our filters (which watch for specific words, the number of “down” votes from other readers, too many links to “outside” sites, or whatever). I would consider Chuck being categorized as a communist or being called “Chuckie” as “derogatory.” I’m going to let it go at that. Thank you for your point of view.… Read more »

Kim Christiansen

Hi Anthony, you can blame me for the deletion of your comment. Because we get hundreds, sometimes thousands of comments in a single weekend, we rely on two technologies/processes to help us keep our comments civil, clean, respectful and most importantly, of use to the readers of this blog.
First we use a SPAM filter, and that looks for obvious SPAM and sticks in a holding cell until we can look at it…..

Kim Christiansen

Second, we have a list of words that if used in a comment move that comment to another holding cell. This is primarily known as the Google Bad Words list, but we had to tweak ours a bit because it blocked a lot of discussions about medication and casinos, actual things our readers have a good reason to discuss. Third, we have an up vote/down vote system. We added in a feature that if a comment get’s a certain number of down votes, it’s automatically put into another holding cell until staff or moderators can take a look. (Yes, we… Read more »

Kim Christiansen

So when I (that’s would be ME) set up that feature I set the down vote limit at about -15, at that point a comment would be automatically moved from the published comment section and plopped into a review area and the staff are notified. Your fellow readers are the ones doing the voting, not the staff. So when your original comment racked up a total vote tally of -26, it was censored. Maybe I’m a little nuts to think that if the total number of votes on a comment adds up to -15 or more that it should be… Read more »


Chuck, There are topics we as adults know are off-limits ….. unless you want to start a firestorm. Personally I did not read the ‘hate’ comments you reference, however I did read many contentious comments. So, what did you expect? The best way to avoid firestorms, is to avoid those topics. To do otherwise and then complain about the response, seems a bit disingenuous to me. You have a terrific newsletter, staying on-topic may be the best bet for you and your readers.


Well said George.

JC Travel Stories

Hate writings always define their author, not the audience they attack.

Billy Bob Thorton

Not really Bob. He is passionate as is evidenced by his prose. Let us not forget who us RVers are. We thrive on cheap oil to be manufactured into gas, which we guzzle. Life is good, go RVing. Capitalism is alive and well, as is the new awakening spirit of America.

Ken Hein

Chuck just keep doing what you’re doing! You cannot please everyone, all the time. Those who disagree with a point of view is expected and encouraged for the purpose of debate. Those who wish to silence an apposing view with verbal abuse is wrong on multiple levels. A microagression does not justify physical aggression, period! Those who attack free speech simply because they disagree, do not actually cherish free speech.

Jann Forrest

Ken you are so right. Unfortunately the whole nation has had a climate change and not for the better. We now seem to be a nation named “undivided states of America”. Free speech is all well and good but how you deliver it matters. Until the climate lands back on its feet it will only get worse. It also spills over to instigate violence, not just talking. It is all very sad and I commend Chuck for talking about all subjects otherwise there would be no reason to read his articles. Good job

Nancy S Logan

Well put, Ken. when I was in school, we had debate teams. One of the objectives was to view two sides of an issue in order to make more intelligent choices and decisions. There seems to be little room for differing opinions anymore and to me that could be catastrophic.

Gene from Anchorage, AK

Since I went from a Pop up to a toy hauler last year, and found this internet site, I’ve been on the fence about becoming a paid member. While I like the daily tips newsletter best, I often find the features emotionally charged. There really should be no surprise that passionate pieces generate passionate responses. Now, I agree, we can be passionate and still be civil. To that end, I may not agree 100% with the Newsletter, I appreciate the time, talent and courage to deliver it.

Patti Panuccio

I have read you since you started this newsletter and I love that you go kind of off target.
I find that most of the time for the last decade that I feel sad at the discourse in this country.
The hate and the fearmongering are fed by the media and the internet, people say things because they can get away with it online.
I no longer watch the news, I get my headlines from newsletters I trust and the weather from an app and that is the only way I can survive in this hate-filled atmosphere.


I would suggest that only getting headlines for newsletters you trust makes it much more likely that you are only getting one side of the story. I surf through CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS, and read the newspaper, as will as Facebook, with friends all points on the political spectrum. Of course, I’m an engineer and a third option kind of guy – an optimist thinks the glass is half full, a pessimist thinks the glass is half empty, an engineer thinks the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.


Bill, you just listed the six top fake, propagandized and untrustworthy sources of disinformation available today! Great way to stay uninformed. Or, at least, that’s my opinion. Opinions aside, I value the truth and the truth is not to be found to any great degree within the modern mainstream media.

Scotty Hutto from Marietta, GA

Hey Chuck,
I agree with your points. I believe a lot of the “hatred” we see spewed is because cowards can hide behind their anonymity on the internet. IMHO ( and it’s just that – my opinion) if we required a verified full name and some generic location (I.e., Scotty Hutto from Marietta, GA), I believe the tone of internet communications would be more civil.

I continually see people say things online behind a cloak of anonymity that they would never say face-to-face.

Lori Singels

I think you’re right on, Scotty. Think of it this way: Would you say something rude and hateful if you were across the table talking to an acquaintance? Why? Because you have to look that person in the eye and get the feedback in human terms that you’re out of line. Guess what? You can avoide all that discomfort and let it fly on what we’re euphemistically calling “social media” — i.e. Facebook. Yes, the same Facebook that has sold Americans out to pad its own pockets.


I was just about to say similar, Lori… I don’t say disrespectful things online I wouldn’t say in person as well. Of course, that also means I’m happy to discuss/debate with dissenting opinions live (I don’t call it “arguing,” but opinions on that differ too). Happy, not willing — I enjoy thinking and “honing my thoughts against the whetstone of opposition.” But, then people think I’m arguing. No insult intended, but some folks seemingly really don’t enjoy thinking/debating. I do.

Mindy Foral

Oh thank you! See this more and more on Facebook camping sites as well. I’ve left some for this same reason. Treat ALL people with respect in and out of the campground and we should all be just fine. Thank you!

Joan Richardson

I think that, before internet, and snail mail was it a person would have time to put thoughts together before signing the letter, addressing the envelope, licking a stamp and putting it in the mailbox. All that time forces a person to think about what they have written. When you write online the raw emotion spews out with little regard for who or what the repercussions would be.

Nancy S Logan

This is true statement. Instant communication is double-edged sword.


No one has to be accountable anymore for their actions, since they can hide behind the internet. These are people who are socially inept. Thank you for speaking up and speaking your mind. For those who think hate speech is right, you will never win with anger. Diplomacy, kindness and love will always prevail in our world.


People hate because they choose to! He said/she said always leads back to someone’s deficiency in themselves. Again, a choice. None of us are perfect. Let’s support and grow from appreciating and learning from one another.

chris p hemstead

I don’t care what Chuck thinks about CW or Marcus. I just like the newsletter.


I care that Chuck tells about Camping World and Marcus. You should too and not want Marcus to silence this news letter.
Camping World, Good Sam, and extended warranty contracts are a joke!

Doris Johns

I could not agree more. I am 70 and was attacked verbally and called a racist on our neighborhood FB site. I had no idea what I said wrong. I made a half joking comment about a group of kids having fun might get in trouble with our ridiculously strict HOA. I failed to see that the group contained one kid with darker skin than mine. It never occurred to me that I had to pay attention to the races of a group of young kids! We are selling our house and thinking of going full time in our RV.

Capt Jim

I don’t recall who said it, but this pops to mind frequently these days. “There was a time when the village idiot stayed in his village”.

Edward Price

FYI. The use of the words idiot, imbecile or moron, will get your comment moderated and deleted on the Quora site. The use of those terms is classified as an attack on the “other-abled.” I’m pretty sure that you can still say “village” without that being gigged as a sizeist insult to other-sized municipalities.

Hoss Smith

I have no problems with anyone voicing their concerns or opinions as long as they do it without rudeness and with respect for others rights to have their own opinions.

Hoss Smith

Your letter above states the very exact reason I do not read or follow much of anything on Facebook where one can hide and spew expletive laced poison with anonymity. Twitter and the MSM are very little better in many cases.


Our so called society today is of gladiator mentality. You are forced to take sides, destroy your opponent at all costs . What ever happened to agreeing to disagree ? Life is too short !!!


Gladiator indeed, but that’s not the real problem. I see the difference during my lifetime being “intrusiveness” and “uniform control.” We can agree to disagree, if you stay in your yard with your opinions. So, you can “hate my hardware” and refuse to own one — you don’t have the right to declare I shouldn’t own one, use one, carry one, talk about one to the same extent as you talked against mine. You can love or hate any particular politician, but you can’t make up outright lies as “fact”


Ever heard of a “social contract”? When one lives with others in a society one agrees to abide by certain rules. Those rules may be controversial, but that is part of living in a society. One may not always agree with where the line is drawn, but that is part of the give and take of living with others. Many times each side represents the other sides position incorrectly, even harshly. Listening helps increase understanding, address fears and overcome ignorance, but some folks prefer hate. Sad.


Contracts are consensual to enter and to update. My contract is enshrined in the Constitution, not contemporary whims. So we agree “you can’t harm me until I harm you”… that doesn’t allow either party to redefine what is harmful without mutual consent, which is what people are now trying to do. If you’re safe with a hammer, I shouldn’t try to confiscate it. If you’re a jerk but don’t punch me, you have the right to speak offensively. Banning speech and hammers preemptively is not OK.

Wayne Caldwell

Whether in RVTravel.com or any other site, I don’t always agree with the writer. But I don’t need to attack the writer simply because we have differing viewpoints. Most times it’s better to agree to disagree and leave it there.

Debbie Embaugh

Good morning Chuck! I first need to thank you for all the great information you have shared with us over the years. I have truly enjoyed it these past 2 1/2 years. I really do not understand the hatred that comes along with the responses. I feel that we can disagree but we do not have to be hateful about it. Hope that people can extract information that is helpful to them which I feel is the point of the articles. I certainly do not agree with everything however I do respect what is said.

Tom Rastall

You bring up a topic like this and invite comment. What did you expect? Stick to RV topics which you do a fantastic job on


Yes, and no respectively. To MANY of us, firearm ownership IS very much a part of RV ownership. Chuck could be political and avoid mentioning it, but it is. Chuck stated HIS opinion he doesn’t think CW should sell guns. He’s wrong in my opinion, because CW has the right to sell anything that is legal, but his preference to not buy THAT/THERE is valid for him. Where *I* think he went astray is asserting they shouldn’t sell to others who DO want to buy from them and can’t access local stores.

Angela Klinger

Chuck, I want to thank you for all the hard work you do by bringing us RV folks such wonderful stories and valuable information. As far as the rude comments go, it is because people can hide behind their electronic devices. It seems no one has manners anymore.


This is a bad time to be a writer Chuck.
I have taken published novels out of print and have gone back to my article writing roots due to what you are talking about and far worse. If you need a writer you are welcome around my campfire in real time or virtually any time. Thanks to your newsletter I have overcome the dire financial loss of a new RV with a fatal black tank defect.
Take care my writing friend of the road.
Never give up, never give in for only the defiant shall win.

Thomas Leahy

In this column you show that you did not get the point we were making. You did not present your view on guns; presented the point that a magazine should not advertise items that you dislike. Disliking an item is fine, but others may actually like it. It is the view of most liberals that they can define what others may see,hear or enjoy. The country was founded amidst a lifestyle in which guns were mandatory. Not only for hunting but self defense and overthrowing a repressive government.

chris p hemstead

It is the view of this president that the news is fake and SNL is too mean to him. Overthrow a repressive govt? In the 18th century, maybe.

Bob p

Ok, I’m one of the people who commented on your story. I felt your thoughts on CW selling SEMIAUTOMATIC weapons was uncalled for, I personally don’t like Mr. Lemonis’ way Of doing business, but I respect his right to do it. As to your surprise about people’s responses, think back to the CB craze of the 70s, that was probably the first example of people being able to anonymously voice themselves, that was where the CB Rambo’s came from. Now the internet gives them a world wide audience.


Sorry social media has become nasty. In the days of snail mail, we spelled better,were grammatically correct, typed with accuracy,and had the think longer before we dropped the letter in the USPS send box.
These days, we f bomb, keyboard with errors, spell check into grammatical errors, and send before they could ever get up and find a piece of letter paper, a 6 3/4 envelope, and pen. The postage stamp comes 1000 f bombs later.


Very well said. Thank-you.


Chuck, you are well respected in my RV world. I don’t listen to the news. I don’t do social media. My life is void of drama. I do, however, read RVTravel.com every Saturday. Life is so much better. Keep up the great work, Chuck!

Billy Bob Thorton

I disagree. We live in a society where personal responsibility is not an expectation of the action at hand. Pay attention and listen to the responses. No, conservatives do not hate leftists. We love our country, we love our freedom. There is a movement going on in this country that has awakened a sleeping giant. We want our borders protected, we want the constitution upheld. The leftists are the ones for the most part that spew hate speach. DO NOT apply a broad brush to all.

Bert Blanchette

I agree, that society has changed and there is less respect for others. I am saddened by the negativity in the world. I am fearful of how the future will be. I am glad I am the age I am and will not have to live with all the hate and lack of respect for each other in the world to come.


Reality is internet can easily be a non responsible non accountable forum for idiots.Rational people understand this and and largely ignore the marginal flakes. I suspect they have always been there. A 100 or so years ago most could not write and they certainly did not have the internet. Kind of like your parents or some other thoughtful person told us when we were children – ignore them then these people have no forum- they are certainly the minority and unworthy of thoughtful energy !


I’m with you on that. Internet discourse has become uncivil. It has in many ways, corrupted us as a society. I am consistently saddened by the harshness of comments. In almost all my connections, in real life, the opposite is true (with the exception of road rage, a whole other topic). I have hope as a result.

Steve flippo

You pay closer attention to the editorial feedback than I do, so you probably know better, but I casually browsed the responses to your cw selling rifles editorial and I don’t recall seeing a plethora of mean spirited attacks. I saw different opinions expressed enthusiastically.

Over 4 times as many people are murdered with knives each year as are killed with semi automatic rifles. Are people offended enough at cw for selling knives that they would stop shopping there? If not, why not?


I am a Vietnam Vet I fought for the things I thought were right one of which was the freedom of speech. Any one has the right speak out (Chuck) . But you will always get the mean-spirit people that do vent their anger, even hatred and lack of respect for others. There are a lot of people out there that do not know what they are talking about, they just talk. You use your voice and I will stand with you. Thank you for all you do for us.


Thank you for your service to our country…God bless.


With LOL and me too: AMEN!


I sleep really well because I don’t engage in drama. No bumper stickers on my rig, no political discussions with people, and no TV. If you want to complain about this or that, I’m going to mention how beautiful the weather is. At this point in my life I’m not going to change the world or anybody’s mind, so I might as well remain upbeat and positive. How you go through life is your choice, but remember those choices have consequences.

Billy Bob Thorton

Just vote!

Katlyn McK.

Chuck, folks don’t come much better than you. You work very hard doing your newsletters and have much more wisdom than these angry souls that just need something to hate. Those are not people with happy hearts. They are miserable and lack being tactful, gentile and intellectual. A mean spirit is a disease and makes one old. Guess they should go get a job, go for a walk, do something nice for someone or go to a self help class on anger management.


Excellent letter, sir. Just one correction, if I may. We are a republic, not a democracy, but everything else you said I wholeheartedly agree with. Have a great day!

Billy Bob Thorton

Exactly! A republic, that is why our founders employed the electoral college. So the ” fly over” states have a say in the United States of America. Not, the big populous cities. All of us.


Yay Billy Bob! Spot on!!!


AMEN, Chuck…


I was anxious to read your view of the firestorm YOU created last week. You had to know the subject was going to be explosive. I was captivated and spent a lot of time reading every comment. You are 100% correct. Americans hate each other. I believe it is mainly due to politics. It is where our government wants us. It is all about votes and people’s inability to think for themselves.

Billy Bob Thorton

No we dont. There is a movement in this country and the status quo is losing their gripe. Filter out the people who stir the pot. Do not fall for what is said, but rather what is right under the constitution. If you don’t like it, change it under said provisions laid forth by the founders. We have saved the world from destruction twice, we are the shining light upon he hill.


You are correct and it is by design. Management 101–keep them mad at each other then they cant see what we are doing to them behind the scenes.


There exists a fascist takeover handbook (not kidding), which outlines 9 specific steps to enslaving huge numbers of otherwise intelligent capable people. The biggest part of it has to do with making people who mostly agree with one another choose factions ANYWAY. Literally, stir up unrest so the “leaders” can come solve it by massive oversight. American’s don’t hate one another; we are being MADE to hate one another. I often “agree” with my “enemies” and just correct their bad “facts”

Jack Gilliam

You are right on. The internet is a wonderful tool, but it has allowed folks to bully others, while being invisible. Plus if you can read stuff 24 hours a day supporting only your point of view. Feel sorry for the future of us.

Bob M

And you win today’s award for proving his point!


I don’ see hate in his response, so how did that prove anything. We all can have a different opinion, it doesn’t mean we hate the person who believes differently than us.

Anthony Joel Vinson

A record amount of responses that’s passionate about our 2A is the award I’ll accept. His response only proves, we speak in English and he listens in ***. The sad thing is, the other writers in this blog will suffer for Chucks politics. In closing, if a good amount unsubscribe due to this, like I did, Marc Lemoin will take victory in getting people off this newsletter.

RV Staff

Anthony — I brought your comment back from the Trash so I can respond, but have cleaned it up a bit. No need to be rude. And if you don’t like what is in our newsletters to the point where you have unsubscribed, why are you still reading it and are verbally “attacking” Chuck’s personal views? Just sayin’. —Diane at RVtravel.com

Anthony Joel Vinson

This still isn’t my original comment, but you did resurrect the reply to a reply, so I guess thank you? Seems like a heck of a coincidence that mine would end up the trash. I wanted to give it one last try to see his response and frankly it disappointed greatly. Given his geographical residence, the response didn’t surprise me though. I felt an in closing remark warranted for his “attack” of my personal views. – Just sayin’


So sorry that you had received responses you weren’t ready for. Any time you touch such a polarizing subject you must be ready for the firestorm. I for one do not take the liberties granted by the Constitution of the USA lightly and in these times where politicians are trying to revoke them it is a very, very volatile area of discussion.

Billy Bob Thorton

Amen Gene


We do not live in a democracy Chuck as you stated even though many would like it to be one. We live in a Republic.

Billy Bob Thorton

Exactly. Want clarity, read the 10th amendment. ” shall be decided by the states”

chris p hemstead

I must admit I’d have to study up on the difference.

Joe Zweck

i don’t agree with everything people say but i defend the right for them to say it and by being a person of faith i refuse to hate anyone some people don’t understand that thought process to send that type of anger out on the web they are just trying to bring people down to there level. Keep up the good work


Well said. I have friends and family that I strongly disagree with politicly. We talk about auto racing, football, RVing, etc. and have a good time. Focus on things that you agree on and enjoy the company.

Marty Chambers

Chuck, there is a great deal of anger out on the web. Many have gotten use to flaming those who dare think differently than them.

I have never found anything you have written that I disagreed with in the 10 plus years I have been reading RV TRAVEL.

I suspect that the people you are calling out about their questionable tactics and greed are organizing to silence their critics like you.

And I have no doubt somt feel any negative comments is somehow an attack on them personally.


I am a Canadian, if anything our world is so connected now that we hear and see news from all over the world almost instantly and most of that news is bad, stressful and hate filled. There is money to be made in controversy. 400 comments means 400 people are seeing your ads on your site and might click on them and rv travel makes money. IMHO

Bill Semion

Hi, I’m a writer by trade, like Chuck. Been at it 40-plus years. First newspapers, now magazines and e-zines. Last July near Theo Roosevelt National Park, we met a Canadian family. It was a bad time in relations between our two usually respectful countries. The family said they had planned a trip to the U.S. and then wondered if they should have. They gave us “peace offerings”: a spring, a Canadian lapel pin, and chocolate loonie. Pretty sad when that has to happen. Anger and hate misplaced.

Billy Bob Thorton

Ah, capitalism from a Canadian friend to the north. Rely oh kind friend on freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms, as it is a uniquely American, which has endured for 240 years.

Ed D.

It is truly a sad state of affairs that this country has become so politically divided. There was a time that we could discuss our difference of opinions but not any more. I have to tell you though, I do not pay any attention to those that choose to attack, rather than discuss. Most sites I frequent have a “Block” feature and if someone is disgustingly rude, I simply block them! Problem solved.

chris p hemstead

Differences of opinion are fine, it’s when someone is spouting nonsense with no factual basis where I have a problem.


A growing attempt to abolish the 2nd Amendment and confiscate firearms without due process creates something greater than a mere “political divide”. Yes, this effort is in fact underway, being lead by a great deal by the mainstream media.

Jeanette Hasenkamp

I understand where you are coming from. I work in an RV park and it amazes me that when people have an issue they cannot come up to the office and discuss it so we could try and make it better, they have to go online and have a fit on how terrible their stay was (which most the time was so spread out of proportion) and that they would never return yada yada yada. The internet really has brought out the negativity in people and that is so sad.


I have to tell you that I recently had an issue with a restaurant in NC while on vacation. I was sitting on a bench when I felt my leg contact an exposed screw ripping a hole in my pants. I found a manager who took my name and number telling me the owner will cntact me. Well a week later, no response. I email them. 3 days later I email them. Last night I post a review online and magically today they want my address to send a check!! We’ll see.


Chuck, welcome to the real world! It has become a place of hate, disrespect and people protesting against everyone and everything. I’m afraid it is only going to get worse!!

Rick Vollstedt

So sorry to hear you recieved a number very negative hateful remarks. I saw where you were coming from in your opinion article. Did not agree entirely with it, but do respect your opinion to state it. And it is your newsletter. I do enjoy your daily and weekly letters as I find them helpful and informative. Please keep it up! And maybe drop those neg hating folks.

Steve Lawrence

Chuck, I urge you to reconsider one thing; “Never writing about this subject again” means they win. They over powered you, they strong armed you to being silent about your beliefs. Don’t get me wrong when it comes to fire arms. I have them, want them, enjoy them but I still feel you have and should continue to have your opinions. Even when I disagree with them. It is my choice to do what I wish with those opinions, it is your choice to express them. Please continue to write from your heart.

Bill T.

Hi Chuck, I don’t know what story you are referring to, but the demographic is steadily shifting and peoples opinions change too. I believe that certain topics, more than others, can create some pretty animated responses in todays media. There have been and always will be, those opinions that swing far to the left or right of center. The liberty of free speech will do that, especially if the forum strays into areas outside of its intent.


These days with people sitting behind a keyboard instead of face-to-face they feel empowered to say whatever comes to mind versus holding their tongues. Especially when most times their true identities are never exposed on the Internet. If Internet sites required people to use their REAL names and addresses I’d bet that they would keep their vile remarks to themselves most of the time.


I agree Dr4Film. I was going to say the same thing. It’s easy to be nasty when you’re hiding behind the keyboard.

Dan Johnson

I woke up during the 2016 elections to find the same things — divisiveness and discord all over the news and online. It saddened me deeply because it’s contagious and propagates more negativity. Experience has taught me that it takes brave souls to consciously choose to buck that trend, and actively choose unity and love instead.

Thanks for planting a pleasant seed that, if we are patient farmers, will grow to a good harvest in due time.


OK, nice thought. Been alive for 77 years and am still waiting. The age of deception, greed, fake news, etc. is upon us. This newsletter is constantly negative and getting worse. If that is Woodbury’s chosen style, my days are numbered here as a reader.

Brian R

Ron, I agree that the newsletter has gotten more negative over the last couple of years but that is around industry practices that affect us. This article is about personal attacks on people who may disagree with your train of thought. Two different things.


Dan Johnson

“I woke up during the 2016 elections to find the same things — divisiveness and discord all over the news and online.” Really?!? You woke up in 2016 to find that? Let me tell you that it has been that way for a good many years prior to 2016. Perhaps it’s because of the election results of that year.


I believe the divisieness started well before the 2016 election, 2000? 2008? 1960? FDR?Lincoln? The current 24/7 news channels have to have fodder for their shows so they continually are stirring the pot. But when you throw a bomb into a crowd, don’t be surprised when it goes off.

Personally I would appreciate more RV info and less other things. I am enjoining Chuck’s vendetta against Camping World less and less. Also I can go to a 1000 other sites for political commentary.

Brian R

Jefferson & Adams; Hamilton & Burr; … It’s been this way since humans climbed out of the trees.


Chuck. I am a veteran, and a retired professional firefighter. Since the 911 event when it appeared everyone was on the same page for awhile, our elected officials have polarized us, lied to us, stole from us, and some even acted UNAMERICAN. Our kids have no respect for authority, and God has been forgotten by the new generation. College professors have corrupted the student population, and liberalism and socialism is now being espoused. Blame the political nonsense for most of our problems.