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What we learned about you last week (April 14-20)


We’re back with facts about YOU! Thanks for participating in our six reader polls this week! As always, your input is appreciated!

You want the good news or the bad news first? OK, the good news. About 79 percent of you have never had your RV seriously damaged by hail. Whew! The bad news? 263 of you have had damage done to your RV from hail, though only 97 people say it was really bad. Rex tells us hail did $9,300 worth of damage to his trailer! Ouch! 

In Monday’s RV Daily Tips newsletter, we asked if you wear a wristwatch (something that’s becoming rare in this day and age). The numbers say you do! Nearly half of you wear a watch every day, 17 percent say sometimes, and 35 percent of you just use your phones (no wristwatch). That’s about what we expected. 

Turns out fewer of you than we thought have Facebook accounts. About 508 of you say you don’t use the social network, while 1,079 of you say you do. Psst: shameless plug here: If you have a Facebook and don’t follow or “like” us, please do!

Did you know that left-handed people are affected by fear more than right-handed folk? That may be because lefties tend to use the right side of the brain more (ironic, right?), which is the side that associates with fear. Well, 1,308 of you are in luck because you’re right handed! Scary movies are a breeze, right? However, 182 of you may be more fearful, angry and embarrassed because you’re left-handed! Here’s an interesting article that talks more about this.  

No picky eaters here! Only 37 of you are vegetarians. Really? 1,438 of you, that’s 96 percent in this poll, eat everything! … Did someone say steak? Be right there! … Except for the 22 of you who are vegan, we’ll catch ya’ later.

Speaking of eating animals (or not) our RV Pet Vet column last week was a tiny bit inspirational (though not as much as our vet, Dr. Deanna would have liked.) 29 percent of you carry two first aid kits in your RV, one for you (humans) and one for your pets. 63 percent of you carry one only for humans, and only 2 percent of you (this is where Dr. Deanna’s disappointment comes in) have one just for your pets. Read the article here and learn why it’s important to have a pet first aid kit on hand! Plus, they’re easy to make. No excuses, people! Especially for you left-handed people, aren’t you fearful for your pet’s health?? Wink. 


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Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

Wolfe, I couldn’t have said it any better!

4 years ago

Your food poll left off carnitarians.

I hear broccoli screaming, senselessly slaughterred in the gardens while unable to run away. Who will stand up for the cute little plants, sliced down in the prime of their youth? Potatoes torn from their darkened beds, ripped from their brethren…not even huddled carrots are safe. Brussel sprouts, clearly inedible, are yet eaten WHOLE. These HORRORS must stop!!!

The beef, on the other fork, has a sporting chance to run, and if you’ve ever discussed bovine philosophy with a prime rib, you’d know they seldom object to a bit of seasoning and about 5 hours in the warm oven. Need yet more proof? They even provide their own butter…

4 years ago
Reply to  Wolfe

Wolfe, you make me howl.

4 years ago
Reply to  Wolfe

Plus plants provide the oxygen we breathe! Save the plants…they have feelings too!

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