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What we learned about you last week (April 7-13)


By Emily Woodbury
CampfireIt turns out you don’t like campfires next to your rigs! Well, maybe that’s jumping to conclusions, but last Saturday’s poll told us that the majority of you (61 percent to be exact) thought campgrounds should offer “no campfire zones.” Seven percent of you said you didn’t care either way. From the comments, it seems your biggest complaint is the smoke, especially when campers are burning things they shouldn’t be burning. With new campgrounds building sites closer together, will this become a bigger problem? Hey, throw some bacon in your RV, open the windows a crack, and turn it into a smoker! When life throws you smoke, make bacon! … Did we take that too far? 

Well, folks, hopefully your taxes are done and you can breathe a sigh of relief … until next year. About 785 of you, 47 percent) get your taxes done by a professional, while 41 percent of you do it yourself. Twenty of our readers are tax professionals! Can we hire you next year? 🙂 

Looks like days of stopping-to-smell-the-[roadside]-flowers are over. Sixty-three percent of you stick to driving mostly on the highway, while 37 percent of you still like to take the back roads. 

A whopping 2,122 of you told us what RV clubs you’re members of. The Good Sam Club dominated as 1,010 of you said you’re members. In the comments, we had lots of you say you’re members of Passport America and that you’ve joined our group on RVillage. Thank you! 

TissuesSniffle, sniffle, ACHOOOOO. A total of 65 percent of you suffer from seasonal allergies. Only 22 percent of you say they’re pretty bad, and the other 43 percent say you have them, but they’re mild. The 35 percent of you that said you don’t suffer from allergies, be thankful and please pass the tissues? 

Our RV pet vet, Dr. Deanna, wasn’t too pleased to find out that 51 percent of you let your pets loose in the RV while you drive. A number of you have your pets in harnesses attached to seat belts, and a few of you keep them in either a crate or carrier. Make sure you read Dr. Deanna’s article to hear what she has to say about this! 

Thanks for taking our polls! They help us learn about you and they also help us continue to write articles that are relevant to the majority of you. Make sure you sign up for our RV Daily Tips newsletter to take our daily poll. 

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The McFanns
4 years ago

An area away from RV sites with a community fire pit is nice. Having inconsiderate neighbors ruin the fresh air with their campfires or smoking habits is just rude and inconsiderate. Smoke can linger on in fabrics, etc., when it gets into an RV.
Not to mention the drought conditions across the country have created a high risk for wildfires, probably best to stay home and enjoy a fireplace.

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