Wednesday, February 8, 2023


What we learned about you last week (August 11-17)

By Emily Woodbury

I got a few good laughs this week from the comments on our Saturday poll. We asked: What length RV should require a special driver’s license? What did we learn?

One-fourth of you answered that you don’t think a special license should be required at all; however, 13 percent of you disagree and say a license should be required for driving any length RV. A combined 43 percent think an RV between 40-45 feet should require a special license, and another 13 percent believe one should be required for any RV over 30 feet. Reader Joel H. says, “I think any RV driver should be required to have had an educational training course and the partner should have one too.” I agree, Joel! Goldie commented, “There needs to be an endorsement, similar to a motorcycle endorsement. An RV should certainly carry at least that same requirement. If nothing else, just think how many marriages could be saved if newbies had a vague idea how to back up their unit!” Ha! 

On Monday, our question was pretty far out. We asked if you believe there is other intelligent life in the universe and, yep, you do! A whopping 60 percent of you think there is other intelligent life out there, but 18 percent of you disagree and say no, you don’t think so. We laughed at the 23 percent (505 votes) who answered, “Heck! There isn’t even ‘intelligent’ life on our own planet!” For those of you who liked Judy’s comment about her T-shirt (we had quite a few, well, heated comments on this survey!), you can buy the funny shirt here.

This week’s totally random question appeared in Tuesday’s newsletter: Men, do you dry your hands on your pants after washing them in a public restroom? Most of you, 42 percent, answered this is something you rarely do, and 37 percent say you never do this. We had 426 votes, 19 percent, answer yep, often, and 2 percent responded yes, all the time. Whatever you do, it’s probably just in your genes

In Wednesday’s newsletter, most of you (about 45 percent) don’t know if you dream in color or black and white? Weird! Over a quarter of you voters answered you dream in color, 8 percent say black and white, and 19 percent say you dream in both color and black and white. Interesting! 

We really hope that the 45 percent of you who have Facebook accounts, and use them often, have “liked” our page! (Now that’s what you call a shameless plug!) According to our poll in Thursday’s newsletter, a quarter of you have a Facebook account but use it rarely, and 30 percent don’t have an account at all. I mean…if you wanted to join just to follow our account we wouldn’t complain… 

Enjoy your weekend! And, because we don’t say it often enough: We appreciate your readership! 


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Carol A Forrest
4 years ago

We did not check to see if the toilet drained directly into the black tank in our TT, but it does. After reading about this, I now know to look to make sure where the black tank is located.

This information is very valuable.

Darrel R Plummer
4 years ago

Yes, we checked out the waste water design before purchase. Black water is nothing to mess with!

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