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What we learned about you last week (January 19-25)


By Emily Woodbury

Every Friday evening, our whole staff lets out a big sigh of relief when we’re finally done with Saturday’s newsletter. We prep for it all week long, so once it’s Friday night when all the information is plugged in, each article is tucked into place, each photo is the proper size and contrast – we cheer with a glass of wine, we go to the movies, we give our dogs the belly rub they’ve been waiting for all week, and we celebrate another great week at RV Travel. But then – Bam! It’s Sunday and we’ve started work on the following week’s newsletter (and all those in between). It’s a good thing we like what we do, huh? Anyway, let’s get on through this so we’re a few minutes closer to that sigh of relief – and you can learn what we learned about you this week. Shall we?

Last Saturday’s poll told us that a combined 78 percent of you bought a tow vehicle to either tow your RV or tow behind your RV. The remaining (almost) quarter of you, 22 percent, did not need to buy a tow vehicle for your RV.

On Monday we learned that you, kind of surprisingly, don’t have that many miles on your RV! Most of you, 34 percent, said you have 25,000 miles or less, a quarter of you have between 25,000 and 50,000 miles on your RV, 26 percent said you have between 50,000 and 100,000 miles, and only 16 percent of you have more than 100,000 miles on your RV. Impressive!

According to Tuesday’s poll, 92 percent of you would not buy an RV online without seeing it in person first, but 8 percent of you would. We got a lot of interesting comments on this one. Reader Bob makes a good point by saying, “I took the question as to buying a new RV online, which I have done. No problems. My answer would be no to buying a used one.” And reader Vanessa says, “Actually depends. If I am looking for a classic to restore I would. If it was one I am planning to live in NOW probably not unless I can get a good RV mechanic/inspector to check it out.”

On Wednesday, we wanted to know where you grew up: a city, small town, suburbs, rural or other. Most of you said you grew up in a small town, but a quarter of you said you grew up in the suburbs, and another quarter said in a rural area. A few of you, 15 percent, grew up in a big city, and 2 percent of you said “other.” Judging by the comments, I’d say most of that “other” meant you were a military/navy brat, so you traveled and moved often (lots of comments about that). Reader Matt Colie said, “I know that I will be an outlier, but I spent most of my younger life on a sailboat on the east coast. Whether we were in a small town or a big city was where we tied up at that time.” Cool!

Lastly, on Thursday we wanted to know if you were a smoker, and, if so, what you smoke. Not a whole lot of smokers out there! A whopping 84 percent of you do not smoke anything, and more of you (6 percent) smoke marijuana than cigarettes (4 percent). Only a few of you smoke cigars, e-cigs or pipes. Me? Oh, yeah, I smoke … meat for BBQs! Mmmmm….

Alrighty, folks! Enjoy your weekend (get outside, explore a new place, try a new food, do something out of the ordinary!) and, as always, thanks for voting and reading along.

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Ron White
3 years ago

on your Wednesday question, where you wanted to know where you grew up in: a city, small town, suburbs, rural or other. I listed city, but didn’t know what requirements where there. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas, which is not a small city, but in regards to Chicago I guess it would be. On questions like these could you put some parameters (population size in this instance) so a good determination could be made. Thanks!

John Overton
3 years ago
Reply to  Ron White

Hi Ron I was born in Little Rock, Ark and lived and raised in North Little Rock, Ark. Back then it was a small city. I Lived there till I was 17 then went into the Navy in 1967. Then to Vietnam. I now live in Menifee, California. About an hour from San Diego. I still love and will always remember the good times growing up there. II know Little Rock has really grown up since I lived there.

Ron Seidl
3 years ago

How about you ask readers to come up with an RV Inspection checklist to use before they make that purchase. I have an idea of some of the things that I discovered in my RV that might help.

S Stepp
3 years ago
Reply to  Ron Seidl

Good idea, even for those experienced RVers. Every year the many rv’s change and a new year comes up with new features and even the most experienced person will come up against issues. Just be sure your warranty is a good one. Good luck.

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