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What we learned about you last week (June 30-July 6)


Happy July! We’re looking forward to another month (and a hot one, at that) learning more about you and your RVs and our wonderful little (well, actually pretty big) community. 

Let’s start with our biggest poll in last Saturday’s newsletter. We asked if you were to sell your RV today, would you have to come up with money to pay off the loan? The majority of you, 43 percent, say you never had a loan to begin with, and 16 percent of you who have had loans have already paid them off (whew!). There are 29 percent of you who say you would either owe more on your RV than what it’s worth, or you’d break just about even. A lucky 12 percent of you answered that your RV would sell for more than you have left to pay on the loan.  

Speaking of your RVs, on Monday we asked how long your RV had been in the shop for repairs within the last year. We were delighted to see that 51 percent answered their RVs hadn’t been in the shop at all, and 28 percent said only a couple of days at the most. We feel bad for the 8 percent of you who had your RVs in the shop for more than a month, or even two months! The remaining 13 percent say it’s been in the shop for a couple of weeks to a month. Those weeks are never fun, are they? 

FireworksI guess we’re not big fireworks fans, huh? On the 4th of July, only 19 percent of you said you’d be attending a public fireworks display, while 79 percent of you said nope, no fireworks for you! The rest of you, 9 percent, said you hadn’t decided (well, I suppose you’ve decided by now … I hope). 

[Insert sigh of relief here.] On Wednesday, we were curious to learn what you think about your current RV and yay!!, 82 percent of you responded that you either really like or love it! There were 13 percent of you who said it’s just okay, and 6 percent say you’re not happy with it at all. For those of you who aren’t happy with your RVs, tell us why in the comments. 

Sir, yes, sir! On Thursday we wondered if you served, or are serving, in the military (in the U.S. or Canada). Men, 45 percent of you have, and 38 percent of you have not. Ladies, only 2 percent of you have served, while 16 percent of you have not. (Those percentages are based on the total of men and women, combined, who responded.)

Thanks for answering, folks! We’ll see you back here next week for another round of what we learned about you!

If you have a question you’d like to ask your fellow readers, email it to emily (at) and we may ask it! 

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John M
4 years ago

Question for survey
When using levels how many just level their rigs and how many lift the tires off the ground?

Another good question is it ok to use your levelers to raise the tires off the ground?

Jerry Miller
4 years ago
Reply to  John M

Not OK to have tires off the ground. Put the orange “lego blocks” under the tires for support.

James Collins
4 years ago

Just ordered the non contact tester ,from Amazon , great article

marty chambers
4 years ago

I have had RV news information that your newsletters might find interesting but was unable to find a way to contact you. One example was an RV accident involving a Class A that resulted in two fatalities in a vehicle that the RV crashed into. If your readers could pass on possible news to you I would think it would make your jobs easier.

And if people feel like they are more personally involved they may be more inclined to donate their money to the cause and give to the publication.

Just a thought.

Chuck Woodbury(@chuck)
4 years ago
Reply to  marty chambers

Marty, my email address is right at the top of every Saturday newsletter above my essay. But we will improve its visibility. We want readers to be able to contact us easily, without searching around. And by the way, it’s


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