Wednesday, March 22, 2023


What would you do if your dump valve suddenly malfunctioned?

If you’ve never had your RV waste valve leak, break, or freeze in the open position, you’ve likely never thought about the need for a quick fix.

valve-738But consider these situations: (1) You park in your campsite and start setting up, which includes attaching your dump hose. But you discover that your valve is leaking onto the ground. (2) You discover a crack in the existing dump valve causing it to leak. (3) You’re ready to break camp and try to close your dump valve and it won’t close, freezing in the open position.

In all the examples above, your options are limited to (1) Not using either your gray or black water tanks, which effectively prevents your RV full of campers from using the toilet, shower, or sinks, or (2) Heading straight for the closest RV service center and a big repair bill, not to mention the end of your camping trip.

However, if you are a forethinking RVer you will have a Valterra Twist-On Waste Valve in your parts box, enabling you to make an instant temporary (and in many case, permanent) fix/solution and to continue your camping trip uninterrupted.

Valterra’s T58 Waste Valve is a 3″ Twist On where you simply twist the new valve onto your current waste valve bayonet fitting and eliminate a messy replacement or expensive service.

You can find the Waste Valve on Amazon.


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