Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Collapsible colander folds flat saving storage space

I’ve never heard any RVers complain about having too much storage space in their rig. Usually the complaints are more likely to be the odd shapes that some things come in, making them hard to store efficiently, or their odd shape takes up too much room in already over-crowded drawers and cabinets.

Like pots and pans with long handles, or those big spaghetti pots that nothing else nests into. Or colanders, with their odd upside down volcano shape. Well, Progressive International just made a nice step in resolving the odd sized cooking utensil’s unwieldy shape.

This colander performs all the same functions of a standard colander, but folds down to ⅓ its original size, taking up less space on the shelf or in the cabinet. Specially designed hole pattern in the base of the colander allows water to drain quickly and easily – just like a regular colander. Rigid design allows colander to stand on its own yet still folds easily for storage. How cool is that?

You can find the collapsible colander at Dyers RV Parts and Accessories.


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