Sunday, September 19, 2021
Sunday, September 19, 2021

This may look like an RV, but it’s far from it!

So what is this? No, it’s not an RV. And, no it’s not a boat!

The sleepers in these king-sized big rig trucks are anything but modest.

It’s a truck, a big truck, the kind you see rolling down the interstate. Most long haul truckers have a sleeper behind the cab, and some can be very nice — compact versions of RVs. But this one is way bigger and fancier than what most truckers have onboard.

ARI Legacy Sleepers builds spacious, feature-packed sleeper cabs complete with toilets, showers, kitchens, TVs, and other amenities like those found in luxury RVs to make a trucker’s off-duty hours more comfortable. The company has built sleepers since 2001. A typical sleeper may cost a trucker $50,000 or so. But these super-sized versions can cost three times that or more!

As you can tell, the company does nice work.

The trucker that you see parked for the night at a rest area in a rig like the ones pictured above is hardly suffering for creature comforts.



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Tatiana B
11 months ago

These ones are really nice! I’ve never seen them, most likely because I’ve never paid attention. I wish they put more Murphy beds in regular RVs, especially short ones, they make life much easier. We had to switch from class B+ to class A for several reasons but one of them was “not making a bed every single night!”. I also wonder if the truckers with RV-trucks have big enough tanks as I am almost positive to use a dump with a huge trailer behind is not that easy. Anyways, I am glad they exist. Looks cool and pretty good in quality.

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