Where do old RVs go when they die?


If you keep your eyes open as you drive around the USA, you’ll notice an automobile junk yard here and there. If you look closely, you’ll usually see a few junked RVs, too.

But, wow! Wait until you watch this drone video from Arizona RV Salvage in Phoenix showing its massive RV junkyard. You might want to keep this place in mind if you ever need a spare part for your RV that’s not available from traditional sources.

Someone at this place has a sense of humor, too! This short video is done in the style of a motion picture trailer, complete with music that totally fits a dramatic movie but is completely out of a place in a video about a salvage yard. Fun! And the number of RVs is impressive!


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2 years ago

Looks like they have less than 100 there. I saw no Rexhalls.

2 years ago

I have called this Arizona and Visone many times for parts for my 97 Fleetwood discovery, and they have not had any of them yet. They show the coach on line with the part I need but say the item has been sold. And they never keep up their items for sale list that have been sold. Not very impressed with either co.

L. Jackson
2 years ago

What determines when a RV goes to a salvage yard?

S M Jenkins
2 years ago

I have seen RV retail lots and RV parks that look about like this.

2 years ago

While the folks at Arizona RV Salvage are very nice, the owner needs to implement an inventory system for all of the parts they salvage from the RVs brought in. We were looking for a rear ladder for oor 2008 Fleetwood Discovery 40X. One of the fellows thought they had some but no one could find them. They are throwing money away by not knowing what parts they have and where they are located.

Don McCarroll
2 years ago

This is “small” compared to Visone RV in Kentucky. You should see if you can get a tour of that place! I was looking for some parts and they took me in an old Jeep up and down some scarey hills to get to the back lot. An they only deal with motorhomes but their yard is HUGE! The satellite images don’t do it justice.