Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Where are you reading this?


Where are you reading this newsletter or website at this very moment? We estimate about 92 percent of our readers are in the USA, with about 5 percent in Canada. But some are far away. Where are you?


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Geri Pererson
5 years ago

Here in Wesley Chapel FL till March. Sold our house in WI, Sept. 22. Traveled to Colorado, then headed east & south. Planning to go back to visit family in WI in spring. Then plan our travels over summer & fall. Use several RV apps to book our travels.

Steven Scheinin
5 years ago

Currently in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. In reference to the first post, cost of RVing. We are full time 365 days a year. We are touring the US. Today is our 528th day on the road. The cost (not including the cost of the RV) campground fees, fuel, food, restaurants, phone, and attractions, comes to $95.55 a day. Plus memories – priceless.

Denny wagaman
5 years ago

Hard to argue with the fellow that has quit Rving. I know what our annual cost is and it’s astronomical . After a long days journey I recently decided to stop at the nearest CG which was a KOA. $44 for the night. How about $145/hr to have repairs/mprovmemtd made to my MH. I have laid $4.90 per gallon for diesel. I have paid $7,000.00 for insurance warranty for six yrs, (waste of money) Tires every 5-6 yrs, annual service/maintenance, repairs, etc. etc. it’s a choice I made. I agree that many RV buyers have no idea what they are getting into. IF YOU maintain your RV the way it needs to be taken care of and pay to have it done it costs a lot of money. Let me say it again it cost a lot of money! That’s why many RV’S are not in tip top shape. We prefer to travel rather than sit in a resort which is Added expense for maintenance, fuel, tires and repairs (if you choose to travel ). I
Only one person admitted to me that they made the biggest mistake in their life selling their home and buying an RV. He said it has cost us so much money and our 10 yr old RV has lost value and our 50 yr old home has gained value and we have no idea what we are going to do when we can’t RV anymore, live in a small apartment. Someone does need to tell the true story of RV ownership.

Chuck Woodbury
5 years ago
Reply to  Denny wagaman

Denny, more and more people will start talking about this. Thanks for your thoughts. It’s hard to believe the RV industry gets away with preaching that “RVing is the cheapest way to travel.” That is a big fat lie. Read my article here to new RVers to see what I think about this.

Chuck Woodbury, editor

Robert C
5 years ago

Settled in right now at Add More Campground in Clarksville, Ind. Will spend Thanksgiving with families in Ky and Ind. Stayed in Cave City at Cave Country Campground where we doubled back to Bowling Green, Ky for the Corvette Museum and then to the Mammoth Cave National Park for a tour. Informed that the 54 degree temperature year round is not right but can fluctuate according to outside temps.

Mike & Louise Bacque
5 years ago

Boondocking just south of beautiful Sedona, AZ. Heading slowly to RGV, Texas where we’ll meet up with a dozen others in the first week of January for an 87 day caravan of Mexico.

Phil Pelc
5 years ago

My wife and I retired September 1, and after a 28 day trip to see our 3 children in Missouri and Orlando we are now on our way to Apache Junction, AZ in our 5th wheel for the winter! We are now in Albuquerque, NM and will be traveling to Payson, AZ today and on to Apache Junction on Monday. We love spending time in God’s beautiful creation and meeting new people. We will return to Nebraska in April.

Ron Twellman
5 years ago

In our home near Appleton, WI and only reading your newsletter this evening as we left early this morning to spend this Veterans Day at the Military Veterans Museum (MVM) in Oshkosh where we are regular volunteers. Spending some of our time looking for a new-to-us Class C as our old one sold in four hours over Labor Day weekend.

Anyone passing through Oshkosh (likely heading south this time of year!) can visit the MVM Friday/Saturday/
Sunday 10-5 and see our collection of vehicles and military memorabilia.

5 years ago

Since I retired from the RV life I’m at home. But that home is in the Shawnee National Forest where I have wildlife in my yard everyday. Just like the places I like to RV in.
40 miles east of the Mississippi in Southern Illinois.
And I still like reading the RV newsletter.

Mike H.
5 years ago

Stuck at home…(Los Angeles area) probably won’t move the coach till next year. I’ll take care of all the services now and be ready come January…

Shannon Stepp
5 years ago

Currently at home in MN but looking forward to Xmas with the family then south to southern TX border to be with friends. Merry Xmas everyone.

5 years ago

I am sitting at my computer in Palmer Alaska where winter is settling in. My wife is in Tampa with our daughter who just had her first baby! I am starting to wonder why I stayed up here and let her travel down south, alone! I am sure she could use my protection in that warm space!! LOL
Our new 5th wheeler is winterized as is our truck camper, but we can still take the camper out and enjoy our wonderful state! The Lance stays nice and warm but there are almost no RV parks open around here in the winter! Imagine that!!??

5 years ago

Sitting out in the Desert near Quartzite “Glamping” for a few days on our way to Yuma,AZ

Richard Whitney
5 years ago

Reading this at in my store on a very slow cold Saturday morning in NH. And as for watermelons, because you cant eat a watermelon without spitting pits.

Gene H
5 years ago

We are at the NASCAR race in Phoenix Az.
We will be heading back to Lee’s Summit Mo. for the holidays, then back out west till May. Will be touring up and down the Colorado river area.

5 years ago

This weekend we’re at home in St. Petersburg, FL. volunteering at RibFest. Next week we’re going to Ginnie Springs Campground for a long weekend. We’ll back in the outdoors for the New Years Eve weekend near Ocala NF.

5 years ago

Camping just outside Atlanta,Ga.

Bob S
5 years ago

CAMPING AT Lake Georgetown, TX leaving today for Little Rock, AK

5 years ago

Settled for the winter in Aransas Pass, Texas. Will hit the road in March – 1st a cruise to the Galapagos and then off to see friends in Georgia.

John S
5 years ago

At home in Tucson, getting ready for some holiday travels. Snowbirds should check out Tucson, great little city, and the sun ☀️.

Jean C
5 years ago
Reply to  John S

John – we’re just south of you in Amado.

5 years ago
Reply to  Jean C

We lived in Amado for 11 years and now Rio Rico for the past 27 years.

Barb T
5 years ago
Reply to  Jean C

Also in Amado. Maybe we are in the same park? Deanza?

5 years ago

I find it very disturbing that your contests are limited to only Americans and not Canadians . You ask for donations and you are missing out on a large number of contributions by leaving us out . I enjoy reading RV Travel and look foreword to each issue . We love traveling through the United States and meeting people but have found that only our fellow RV ers know much about North America that would be Canada and the United States. Other than that the general population only know about their suronding area. It’s like they live in a bubble. Not sure but is this part of the reason that you limit your involvement to only Americans? I hope my comments reach the right people in charge . I offer my comments as food for thought.

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