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Wife blames hubby for trailer’s “embarrassing” leaks



Dear RV Shrink:rvshrink
My husband has been experiencing leakage problems. It seems that wherever we park our trailer he creates wet spots and puddles. I keep telling him he is not tightening the hoses (water and sewer) enough. He claims he is and that it’s just poor engineering in the design of our home on wheels.

I find it more embarrassing than he does and it causes a lot of petty arguments that could be avoided if he could just dam the drips. Should I just keep silent and jump or swim? I find it hard to bite my tongue when people around us all seem to be staring at our growing watermarks. —Damp in Delaware

Dear Damp:
Ring around the camper is not unusual. I have to agree, in part, with your husband. Many RVs have poorly engineered water connectors. There are several after-market adapters that cure tight hose angles and leaky water threads.

As for the sewer, I would advise you to jump, not swim. Your husband should be able to stop any sewage drip. Often with the dirty swirly it is a matter of matted matter keeping the seals from doing their job. This cleaning operation gives flushing a whole new meaning.

If in your marriage you have worked out an arrangement where you are “supervision” and your husband is “sanitation,” then you should continue to evaluate and grade his leak stoppage efforts. If you share responsibilities equally you may need to get your hands dirty, dive in and help him solve this problem. I’m sure you have as much input as he does, if you get my drift! —Keep Smilin’, Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink

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5 years ago

So “wife” go fix the leaks and/or do the hookups and dumping yourself. Easy solution.

frater secessus
5 years ago

> I find it more embarrassing than he does and it causes a lot of petty arguments that could be avoided if he could just dam the drips.

The solution is obvious: since she finds it more embarrasing she should dam the drips herself. Or call in a service guy.

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