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Wife questions hubby’s use of glue to attach solar panels


rvshrinkDear RV Shrink:
I need your help. My husband decided we needed solar. He loves projects. He just told me he is gluing the solar panels to our motor home roof. I picture a cartoon with a motorhome traveling down the highway dragging a couple solar panels behind. The problem is, I would fail to see the humor if the motorhome in the cartoon was ours. I have used super glue and all the other adhesive wonders you see advertised and they never stand up to the reputation they portray on TV. My husband says that his 3M 5200 is different and that it will hold our heavy solar panels even in a strong wind, going down the road at 60 mph. I’m not buying it. He doesn’t want to drill holes in our fiberglass roof and use screws. I tell him he has one loose. Please help me convince him we are on a collision coarse with disaster if he insists on going with glue. —Sticky Situation in Santa Fe

Dear Sticky:
Have no fear. I just read the book, “On Whale Island.” The crazy guy who wrote the book is trying to survive a year on an island he bought off the coast of Nova Scotia and fixes everything with 3M 5200. He swears it will hold two planets together. I know a lot of people in the solar business use it. I taped mine on using 3M VHB tape, kind of like 5200 in strips. So far, so good. It sounds like your husband did his homework. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this. As long as he cleans the area he is adhering to extremely well, I don’t think you will have a problem. If you read the book I mentioned, you will discover how lucky you are to be married to someone who fixes things right the first time. —Keep Smilin’, RV Shrink

The RV Shrink is not really a psychologist (or professional RV technician). But he does knows a lot.

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