WiFiRanger to offer AT&T data plans on RVs


From a press release
July 30, 2019 — WiFiRanger, a leader in Integrated Vehicle Connectivity Systems, has announced it will offer AT&T 4G LTE data plans for its pre-installed rooftop antenna systems on recreation vehicles.

The Weekend Adventure plan provides 5GB of monthly data for $25 per month. RVers may opt for extended plan with 22GB of monthly data for $90 per month. There may be some other fees including taxes, which is available from WiFiRanger.

“LTE connectivity has become more important than ever to RVers, to stay connected just about anywhere. With AT&T’s national LTE footprint, we will be able to be an increasingly trusted data source for the mobile lifestyles that we enable,” said Jim Owsley, VP of Marketing & Communication at WiFiRanger.

WiFiRanger products are assembled and designed in Meridian, Idaho. Information and ordering are available directly at WiFiRanger.com or by calling 208-321-5544.

For more information on AT&T data plans visit att.com/wifiranger.

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Eldon Clark
1 year ago

FMCA members have a choice of two plans for $50/month for unlimited data!

1 year ago

Ummm…WIFI Ranger wants you to pay $90/month for 22GB of data. Why would you get sucked into a deal like this when there are true unlimited data only plans from Verizon for $70 a month. Guess WIFI Ranger is trying to find a purpose for its antiquated technology.