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Will you go south this winter with your RV?


Are you headed off to a warmer place this winter with your RV? Tired of spending the winter in frigid Minnesota or the drizzly Northwest? Maybe headed to Arizona, Southern California, Texas or Florida — or somewhere else where you can wear a short-sleeved shirt most times and never need to mess with an umbrella? Curious minds want to know. . .

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Billy Bob Thorton
4 years ago

Will be in Florida for a while. Never bother to plan ahead to far, so it makes it interesting. Met a guy a cpl yrs ago, in the Fl Keys, who bounced around with no reservations, that was impressive. I read a lot about the “planners”, but I prefer to just look a bit before you head out, never got stiffed yet.

Joel Vinson
4 years ago

We live in Mobile, AL. and enjoy making snowbird friends. We turn our snowbird friends into tour guides and get inside scoops for future trips up North. Canadians are always a hoot to talk to and we try to give everybody tips on good places to go and do for down here.

Billy Bob Thorton
4 years ago
Reply to  Joel Vinson

Boy, your right on the “hoot” comment. They are a lot like america, in that who settled there, but boy, different government structure, makes for awesome conversation. One thing that they all are impressed with is how cheap, and the selection we have here in the states.

When they get near a liquor store, they all smile at how inexpensive it is here, I guess its their repressive tax structure, according to some I have talked turkey with. Well, by in large, they are wonderful people.

4 years ago

We go “REAL South” every year and stay at a full service campground in GUATEMALA, a hot springs resort with 5 natural hot pools, 2 jacuzzis, wet sauna, wave pool, seafood restaurant, and a year round temp of 55 degrees nights and 75 days. Sort of Hawaii without the price tag – $10 a day, cheaper by the month. It is located between the capital and the beach called Camping Automariscos.

4 years ago

That’s quite a trip. Do you leave the RV there or drive back and forth?

Billy Bob Thorton
4 years ago

Making through Mexico! I’ll try just about anything, but that would be beyond my pay grade.

4 years ago

Six months in Northern NY for summer then six in South. Alternate between NW GA and SC for winter (daughter in each state, plus a new grand baby in SC). We also do a month in FL in Feb to visit friends. This is our fifth year at this and we love getting away from the cold and snow (though we occasionally get some in GA). Currently back in NY as the kids all wanted to come home for Christmas but we’ll be back south by New Year’s. Do all this in a spacious fifth wheel and really enjoy it. We still maintain a home in NY, so I guess this makes us half timers.

Richard & Ruth
4 years ago

Have been un Quartzsite since late October. Sold our house in Idaho and took the plunge into full time. No regrets so far.

Winter Enthusiast
4 years ago

Nope, can’t run the snowmobile if I’m somewhere south. Bumping 70 YO and not yet ready to ‘idle down’!

Robert Pulliam
4 years ago

You go guy, I’m 74 and sold my motorcycle 3 months ago and wondering why i did. Well not so much, got a right knee that is ate up with arthritis so difficult to support bike at stops.

peggy coffey
4 years ago

This is our first year as snowbirds and we love it. Husband and i retired early (mid 50’s) and our goal was to buy an rv and head south from Ohio winters. We have been on the road since September and finally settled in Phoenix for the winter. In the spring we will head up the east coast to Nova Scotia and then through Canada, and back to Phoenix. We are loving this life.

Wayne Caldwell
4 years ago

We live in Belen, NM, about 35 miles south of Albuquerque. No need to go anywhere for the winter.

4 years ago

This snowbird has to stay home this year as wife has some health issues..maybe next winter!!!!

Captn John
4 years ago

We will be there after a visit from my daughter family ends when the boys need to go back to school.
We have been going to SW FL for some time. My brother thinks it is funny as people he knows winter where I live.

4 years ago

We took a break from workamping and ‘played’ snowbirds winter of 2010=11 and loved it. After that winter jobs kept me up north. We would now that we have our SS income but my husband’s health does not allow us to travel. But I sure wish we were south – getting tired of cold.

4 years ago

I would love to head south for the winter, Wife doesn’t want to be away for more that two to three weeks, so the Motor Home is buried in the barn and can’t be moved until the snow disappears some time in early April.

4 years ago

Made one of my retirement goals to “Never spend another Northern winter in the North”. So I headed south on 12/4/2002; but a few months after my retirement, searching for a “Southern base” allowing for warm weather in winter and seeing places further north otherwise closed until conditions improve towards springtime.

As good fortune smiled I found Alpine, TX in the Big Bend Region of Far, West Texas during my first RV travel season. It has, according to material read on-line, the “3rd best weather on the country”. Heck, betting on a horse to “show” (finish 3rd) is good enough for me. I’m not greedy.

Upon selling my Buffalo, NY house in March, 2008, I immediately became a Brewster County voting resident. Good climate, great scenery and wonderful people. It has enough middle-class amenities to avoid missing big city life.

Each RV travel season allows reconnecting to the traffic and malls and yes, larger selection of retail shopping and restaurants found elsewhere — but then, eagerly returning for the benefits of small town America and the darkest sky on the continent.

Gene Bjerke
4 years ago

I didn’t see a choice that fits us. We aren’t really snowbirds, but we visit relatives in Florida for a week every winter, then tour around some. We choose our return north depending on how much money we have left and what the weather is like at our home in Virginia. So what does that make us?

Corky Jones
4 years ago

Southwest Florida every winter for the Joneses from North Carolina.

Mary Ihla
4 years ago

We’re fairly new to the RV life, so we only spent one winter near Fort Worth, TX, where two of my daughters and their families live. We planned to go in January this year, but we discovered the place we stayed last year is closed, and there are no openings in any other parks close enough that we can afford.

4 years ago

We actually went North and East to El Centro, California. After being in Hawaii for the last 4.5 years we’re freezing here in the desert. I wish they had a bridge to Hawaii, so we could winter there…

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

Heading to Quartzsite in February. We’ll most likely be doing the two week stays in the free areas, going from area to area.

Wolfe Rose
4 years ago

I think your looking only for full timers without houses, but I’m “most-time” and functionally migrate NORTH for the winter.

My trailer has AC and a furnace thermostat, while my house does not. It is often more comfortable in my trailer than home base cabin, so I use it year-round as an annex to my house even when home. I still heat the trailer as an office most of the winter even after the RV bathroom is shutdown.

I travel a lot more while weather is less icey (I DO still tow in snowstorms), so if I stop moving for winter, I’m near Canada. Last year my only stationary months were Jan/Feb, so I’m “almost full-time with home base”…

4 years ago

We’ve been in Florida since October 25th. We reserved 11 months in advance. We stay at 13 different Florida State Parks. Much prefer the natural settings and not being awning to awning. A bonus for us as senior Florida residents we pay half price camping fees.

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