Saturday, December 3, 2022


Will ice cubes in an RV sewer tank dislodge waste buildup?


A buildup of solids in an RV sewer tank is a bad thing. So getting rid of the yucky mess should it occur is a frequent topic of discussion among RVers. Most of us have heard that putting ice cubes down the toilet will do the job. The idea is the hard cubes will bounce around when the RV is moving, banging all that nasty buildup away. So does it work? James of the Fit RV wanted to find out. See the results in this very interesting and enlightening video. #rvt739

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6 years ago

I’ve successfully used the ice cubes also but we filled up the toilet on our way out of the park and after driving all day we emptied the tank and ours read empty also. What I have since done successfully is to fill the toilet with 2 gallons of water and flush it all at once so the force of the water pushes the waste out. It usually takes about 5 times for mostly clear water to run out but it sure seems to do the job and the tank always reads empty.

Lori Singels
6 years ago

I’ve had my Class C for eight years. Two years ago I couldn’t get the sensors to read empty after dumping. After putting half a sack of cubed ice down the toilet and half a day later of driving, the next time I dumped, sensors read “empty” and worked fine. I’d sure do it again if necessary, regardless of this demonstration (which was quite entertaining if not accurate from my experience, however). BTW, you don’t have problems with TP if it’s put in a ZipLoc bag.

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