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Winter is almost here – Time to prep that RV!


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[Editor’s note: This information is provided by roof membrane manufacturer Dicor. While there’s plenty of “promotion” for their product included, some of the information and principles may be of assistance to our readers.]

Fall is a great time for RVing. The air is crisp and cool, and the leaves are changing every shade of yellow, orange and red imaginable. But, once that final road trip of the year comes to an end, it’s time to look toward the months ahead and get your RV ready for its winter hibernation. As I have mentioned time and time again, regular inspection and cleaning of your RV roof is critical, and this time of year is the most important time to do just that.
Over the course of the RV season, your roof has collected plenty of dirt, and has been exposed to all types of weather conditions. The results of such use should be inspected and washed away regularly so that they don’t cause more serious issues down the road. There are just a few measures you need to take to prep your RV for the winter months:
Start with inspecting the inside of your RV. Check cabinets, corners, seams and the like for any sign of moisture. Water spots, bubbles and black streaks may be clues as to where you might find entryways for water from the outside.

Moving to the exterior of your RV, check for areas of damage and where sealants are deteriorating, cracking or coming loose, especially on the roof. Make sure the corners and sides of the roof are well joined and sealed, as they connect to the caps and sidewalls. Check around roof appliances and their fasteners. Note where sealant may be a little loose or brittle.
If any of these areas need your attention, make sure to repair them carefully and with caution, as it is easy to lose your footing while on the roof. Our helpful handbook is full of detailed instructions on how to best repair and replace any damaged seals or roofing material.
Once any necessary repairs are made and given time to set, a deep cleaning of your RV’s roof and sides will keep it sparkling through the winter and into the next RV season. Stains, black streaks and other contaminants are easier to get off now before they become frozen in place over the next several months. So, grab your cleaner and tools and give it a good scrubbing. For those who want to go the extra mile, I would suggest applying a roof protectant (like Roof-Gard) as you clean to keep UV rays and pollutants from getting a good grip on your roof. 

As always, it is important to note that moving around on top of your RV can be dangerous. Using a freestanding A-frame ladder is a very secure way to access the RV roof without climbing completely onto the RV. Climb up slowly and be sure to use caution when working on the roof. If you have any concerns, ask a professional at your local dealership to conduct the inspection, repairs and cleaning for you.
[Editor: Here’s a link to the Dicor roof protectant on]


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Leo Palmer
5 years ago

What about roof bubbles, a problem? Started seeing a few up front last year. What can be done.

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