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RV Review: My favorite RV features of 2020

By Tony Barthel Yesterday we looked at some of my favorite RVs that I got to review for 2020. Today I want to look at...

RV winterizing do’s and don’ts

Steve Savage submitted this article to RVtravel.com when he was a Master Certified RV Technician with Mobility RV Service. Every year folks ask me questions...
RV Doctor

RVers can’t find water leaks to fix them. What’s wrong?

RV Doctor Dear Gary, Apparently my husband did not properly winterize our Southwind motorhome. When we fill the fresh water tank we have no problems, but...

RV winterizing quick tips

By Chris Dougherty Certified RV Technician Note: This post was published previously. There are a couple of very helpful tips from readers in the Comments, which...
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RVelectricity – Winter battery maintenance

By Mike Sokol There's a lot more to winterizing your RV than simply draining out the water and putting pink stuff in your pipes. In...
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Does windchill affect RV water lines freezing when driving?

Dear editor, We were advised by a dealer RV technician to winterize our water lines while driving in cold weather. The claim is that windchill...

Not all RV antifreeze is created equal

By Russ and Tiña De Maris If your rig is sitting in cold country and you haven’t already done so, it’s high time to get...
RV Doctor

RV’s water pump doesn’t pump

Dear Gary, I’m having my RV winterized for storage. The dealer called to tell me that the pump doesn't work. It is located underneath the...
RV Doctor

How to winterize an RV washer and dryer combo

Dear Gary, Please tell me the best way to winterize a washer/dryer combo. Thanks! —Jack Dear Jack, That's what I like: short and to the point! The procedure...
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RV Doctor: How to winterize an ice maker

Dear Gary, How do I winterize my ice maker? I have a Norcold refrigerator in a Fleetwood motorhome. —Larry R. Dear Larry, Here are the steps, as...

RV Doctor: How to winterize an RV using a “Schrader valve”

Dear Gary, I have been hearing about dry winterizing a motorhome using a "Schrader valve" and blowing the water out using an air compressor set...
RV Doctor

RV Doctor: Do’s and don’ts for storing your RV

Fall has arrived, while memories of our summer RVing excursions undoubtedly linger in our minds. But with the coming chill also comes the thought...