Thursday, March 30, 2023


Did you winterize your RV this winter season?

Do you live somewhere where you need to prepare your RV for the cold days of winter? Or do you live where it never gets very cold, or maybe just head off to snowbird land and hang out with other sun seekers? Inquiring minds want to know.

The poll may take a few seconds to appear. So stand by.


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5 years ago

Yes, We winterize, BUT Were also Full Time RV’ers. and live in Indiana. It is Ruff… We rely on campgrounds Bath House use a lot of paper products, and eat mostly can goods. (Or fast food) If the snow is not too deep, or temps not to cold, You will see us out with the grill fired up as well. cant head south for 5 more years when hubby then will retire.

5 years ago

My winterization is parking it under a palm tree.

Steven Scheinin
5 years ago

We live in our Cedar Creek 5th wheel full time. It has the arctic package. We do not winterize as we need all the facilities. We have been in temperatures to 4 degrees F. with no problems.

Gene Brandon
5 years ago

For 10 years I did not winterize, then one year it got below freezing here in San Antonio for three days. After $1200.00 worth of freeze damage, I now winterize.

Jack in Texas
5 years ago

There is not much need to winterize here in south east Texas (Houston area). Therefore I do not winterize my R.V.

5 years ago

We winterize but if someone comes for a visit before December we turn on the heating system. Otherwise winterize and wait until May. This year we won’t do much because we all are working full time. Can’t wait to retire and head south.

Mike & Louise Bacque
5 years ago

We live full-time and in shoulder seasons between our snowbird travels we could almost winterize but we have taken measures to ensure lines don’t freeze. Having said that, we’re presently about 100 miles north of Mexico City at an elevation of 6800 feet where overnight temperatures will fall below freezing.

5 years ago

I winterize/dewinterize depending on the weather when we camp. Easy enough to flush the system, go out for the weekend if the temps are ‘moderateish’ and then come back & add the pink stuff until our next outing.

L. Anderson
5 years ago

We live in our 35 ft Montana year round, stationary on family land in eastern Kansas. Hookups include water, 50 amp elec, septic, and a 325 gallon propane tank. Winterizing is mostly remembering to plug in the heated water hose, buying some RV antifreeze for the black tank (tank dump valve will freeze), and emptying and flushing the black tank when the temps get into the 40’s every couple of weeks or so. We leave a faucet dribble any time temp drops below 10 F.

5 years ago

Since I live in mine full time in central Texas, I don’t winterize. However, when there is a freeze warning, I turn off the water faucet outside and use water from my fresh-water tank. I also leave the kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open so that heat can get inside. I’ve never had a problem with burst pipes.

5 years ago

I clicked no but actually yes and no. We live in ours and have to winterize so we don’t freeze up and stay warm. We don’t winterize for storage.

Chuck Dunn
5 years ago

I have never winterized my RV in the 12 years I have had it. Never been cold enough except once and the heater I put in the bay kept everything flowing. Now if you count heading south to Arizona Winterizing, I do that every year. Come on down and save yourself some work.. LOL

5 years ago

No need to. Rarely gets to freezing. Chico, California.

Mike Johnston
5 years ago

When you live in Alaska, you winterize!

Ed Day
5 years ago

Didn’t totally winterize, I did drain hot water heater tank and opened all the faucets and two drain lines. I leave a small electric heater running, I figure it’s about the same price as six gallons of antifreeze and installing it?

5 years ago

Considering we got -40 windchills last week, the idea of not winterizing is horrifying. As noted above, even Texas saw freezing temps recently, so for $3 of antifreeze, I’d still do it if RV isn’t occupied.

Gary Takata
5 years ago

I thought I would share a funny story about winterizing my RV.
When we purchased our first RV a 2007 Itasca Cambria being the newbe at that time another RVer asked if I will winterize the RV in the fall. I said I will take it back to the dealer and have them winterize it. The other RVer said it takes a lot of work and time to winterize a RV he said it takes him 26 hours. I was thinking to myself gee what did I get into purchasing an RV oh no… Then with a smile on his face he told me that’s how long it takes him to drive to Florida.

RV Staff
5 years ago
Reply to  Gary Takata

😀 Thanks, Gary! —Diane at

Richard Davidson
5 years ago

Does taking it to Florida count as winterizing? I believe it does.

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago

And if you pass Hope, you see the sign that says “You’re Beyond Hope”.

Debi Pitzer
5 years ago

We have a 2008 Tiffin Phaeton 36 ft and we had a 30×50 insulated metal building built to house our 2 2 vehicles and “Bad Boy” (my name for the mh…..Hubby calls him “Money Pit”, lol!) we live in North Central Texas and recently the temperature dropped to 17 degrees but the temperature inside the building never dropped below 40 degrees!

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