Saturday, April 1, 2023


Own the world’s fastest motorhome! Only $95,000

This is not your average motorhome. Not by a long shot! This 1977 GMC LSR is, in fact, the official World’s Fastest Motorhome, and it’s totally street legal. Beneath the “MoHo’s” hood lurks a 700 horsepower engine.

So go ahead and buy it, then drive it over to Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats, where it’s right at home. Maybe you can beat its current record of 121.5 miles per hour which was set there.

It’s technically the world’s fastest Class A motorhome. Guinness Book of World Records shows the fastest motorhome reaching 141 miles per hour. But it’s really just a long van, as least that’s what most RVers would likely say.

The RV was built to promote awareness about a severe neurological disease called Charcot Marie Tooth Disease or CMT.

The interior is ready for you to outfit any way you want. It is currently empty with aluminum panels and a chromoly roll cage. There are no interior fixtures/cabinets, beds, etc. The one exception is the cockpit, which is road-ready with custom hand-fabricated and powder-coated aluminum dash panels, RacePak gauges and a digital side and rear video monitor.

This one-of-a-kind RV wasn’t made for looks (although it’s mighty handsome with all its graphics), but for speed. So if that’s what you’re looking for in an RV, maybe this has your name written all over it. Check it out here and if it screams “buy me” at you, make an offer.



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13 days ago

It was built to be fast to be able to get one of the few 1st come 1st serve campsites left for us old-er phartz. My Lucy has a 454 with the whole Banks system, still not fast enough to compete with the smarty-pants & their same phones….

14 days ago

Clearly, this is the definition of totally useless.
Completely gutted but fast for what purpose?
Maybe with all that interior space, an EV racer might have made faster runs.
Good luck on selling and buying.

Gary W.
14 days ago
Reply to  Ken

The purpose was to set a LSR. Duh.

Lawrence Talbot
13 days ago
Reply to  Ken

Ken: Did you actually read the article or look at the linked website on CMT? No, this was not “totally useless”. It was built for 2 purposes – to achieve a LSR for its class (which is why it was modified as it was), and, in doing so, to promote awareness of CMT (hence the graphics, etc). For the right person, it could be a very cool build-out into a unique RV, and continue to promote CMT awareness.

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