Would you hook up at this disgusting campsite?


It’s late in the afternoon. You’ve been assigned the last spot in the RV park. When you arrive at the campsite, this is what you find at your utility area.

Does the proximity of the water and the sewer disposal, just inches apart, bother you? Would you just say “the heck with it” and simply hook up your water and not fret about germs? Would you pull out your Lysol and spray your water hose? Or would you just attach the sewer hose and use the freshwater in your tank?

Or would you ask for your money back and head over to the closest Walmart?

Most RVers would find this setup disgusting. If you come across a scene like this please send it to us along with the name of the RV park and its location. A park that offers an unhealthy site like this should not be patronized. A reader sent us this photo without identifying where it was taken.

Your comments are invited.

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Jerry X Shea

If I have just pulled in for the night, I would only hook up electric (since that is what I am really paying for) and use my tank water and holding tanks. I actually do that in nice parks if it is just a overnight, go to sleep stay.


Doesn’t bother me
They presumably use different plumbing so proximity is not a rational concern
Where we camp for months the sewer is just inches away
A much bigger issue for me is sewer hookups that are inches above the ground Which reduce dumps efficiently
Often encountered at dump stations
At one County park I think the sewer was almost a foot above the Pavement!

Jack Lee Roderick

That doesn’t look so good, but I’ve often wondered about the freshwater faucet even when it was spaced several feet away. I have observed on more than one occasion a person holding their sewer hose close to the faucet to rinse it out. In my freshwater hose kit I carry a spray bottle of bleach for that purpose.

David St. Clair

Stayed at KOA`s all across the country and never once had this unhealthy scenario at a KOA! All the KOA`s are maintained nicely and set up thoughtfully!


I stay at KOA’s, I know that they keep their sites clean or they get closed down.

Dalton Mccormick

I think your over reacting , step up to your sink look at it,you have you sewer, do you fill with water then dip your glass into it, no Its all about how you “handle” the hookup


I really don’t want to stay in ANY campgrounds anyway. I like the beautiful spots you can only find while boondocking. Even Walmart would be better than that!!!

Hell no I wouldn’t use that!

walt f

have run across the sewer problem and h2o for to many years. have asked and basically no regulations for distance etc

walt f

I have a friend that owns a koa nd he indicated that there are basically no regulations regarding the location of sewer and h2o. Have run across this many , to many times


May stay for electric and dump only and then only one night.


While I look at the picture and think what kind of thoughts or planning took place in doing this we always carry a 1/2+ tank of fresh water and always dump at our previous location. So my answer would be no I wouldn’t hook up my fresh water to that. I always use lysol wipes on a hose bib in every campground no matter how sanitary it looks as you never know what the last camper did or didn’t do.

Merrily Robinson

Which is most effective to spray: bleach, peroxide or alcohol for killing germs on hose bibs??

Tim H Lecluse

Oddly enough this looks normal to me.


I would use the sewer hookup to dump and flush my waste tanks but not hook up my fresh water hose. I would use my onboard fresh water tank while there and I would leave the next morning never to return.


Never ever use the water at a park for drinking, cooking, or pets. But, that is a pretty nasty photo.

Joe Testa

JUst use my bleach spray as I do at ALL campsites and move on.


I carry a 10% bleach spray in my water bay, if I really had to use it.


And they wonder why I prefer to BOONDOCK….

Ray Eimerman

Found one in northern KY with the sewer and fresh water in a pit filled with ground water fresh water connection was submerged, sewer just poking out above waterline. Purpose for the stop was to dump black and gray water before returning home. Arrived late, gloved up carefully connected sewer house dumped first AM departed and never returned. Most disgusting connection I have ever encountered.


If the electric was OK, per my surge protector, I might stay for air conditioning. If it wasn’t, I would head to some place, like Walmart, and run my generator. I never hook up to water or sewer (I keep my fresh water tank full and I usually am in State Parks with dump stations). Sure wouldn’t use that water to fill my tank. I suspect the rest of that park wasn’t that good either.

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