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Would you recommend your model RV to a friend looking to buy an RV?


Do you love your RV so much you’d gladly recommend the same make and model to a friend? Or do you think your RV is junk and would never recommend it to anyone except your worst enemy (of course you don’t have any of those, right?).

Most of us are likely between those two extremes. How about you? Please leave a comment.

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4 years ago

NEVER buy any Grand Design product without thoroughly checking it over,and I do mean thoroughly as their quality control is non existent.

Jim Spellman
4 years ago

I’m the third owner of a 1999 Chinook Concourse 2100XL purchased in Oct. 2008 with 51,000 miles on the odometer. Nearly a decade later, I’m now just over 100,000 and have no real regrets. The quality of the build and workmanship with the single-piece fiberglass body and solid oak cabinetry is second to none and still turns heads wherever I go today.

The closest competitors today would probably be Coach House, Phoenix Cruiser, or Leisure Travel Van — but it would be a hard-fought decision, even going up against a classic rig that’s nearly 20 years old.

Kathy Derting
4 years ago

We are living full time in our 5th wheel toy hauler 2018 Torque by Heartland since first of Jan. We love the floor plan. The only toy hauler that we toured that has a great, workable kitchen with sufficient reachable cabinets. There is a nice dining table in addition to table in garage. Other than a faulty valve on the black tank, we have not had any issues. We pulled it from Arizona to Washington state without any problems. At this point, we would recommend this Heartland product.

Colin Grant
4 years ago

I have a 2006 Pleasure-Way Plateau and I am very pleased with the quality. I bought it in 2014 with very low miles on it. The Sprinter chassis is the early model with the 5 cylinder diesel without the DEF exhaust system and is impressive. The fuel economy is great at 22+ mpg to the US gallon but the engine is noisier than the later model or a car. I do my own maintenance which is easy for the most part. I recommend this RV to my friends and acquaintances and keep getting offers to buy it. The white paint on the Sprinters seems have a problem with rust more than other colors and so I am told it is more like primer paint that was meant to be painted over with company colors.

Debbie Wilson
4 years ago

We have a 2015 Coachmen Chaparral 360IBL and love it. We have had some issues crop up but hubby was able to fix them all himself, even though we had the extended warranty. Our buying experience from the dealer was such an ordeal that we are terrified to have them work on anything. We did have to have the Dometic a/c unit replaced and that was done under the warranty by an authorized dealer on premises. I would let others wanting to buy the same unit know of our issues but also let them know how much we like the floor plan and livability of this unit for us.

4 years ago

It goes without saying, “There is NO Perfect RV out there!”

NO SUCH ANIMAL! And RVs are Animals. I have a 2016 Redwood 5th Wheel, 38RL. Since we have had the RV we have had nothing but problems with the Unit. Had it to the Dealer 3 times and they never fixed the issue with our Dining Roof Slide! And of course REDWOOD (NOW A THOR Company) has washed their hands of this unit. I finally had to take the RV to Lippert Components and WOW they fixed the Slide. The Slide was never installed or leveled properly. The Hydraulic Pistons were never lubricated good either.

NOPE would NOT recommend a REDWOOD PRODUCT!

Karen moore
4 years ago

We bought a 2016 Montana 3000re, 5th wheel ,have had nothing but problems with it.the steps started falling apart the first day into the bedroom ,then the furnace quit workinking although it said it was a good fuse,it wasn’t.the toilet was leaking in 2 spots they said they would only cover one spot,so we had to pay for new one and they said to send the paperwork in an we’ll see if we can cover it.many other things too.

Don Hay
4 years ago

I have a 36’ , 1992 Foretravel U-280, with 175,000 miles on it, 95,000 of which I put on. We’ve had it 15 years this month and still love it as much as we did the first day. Foretravel’s are built to last and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends, though the new ones are out of our price range.

Barry Samson
4 years ago

Bought a 2015 Jayco Class C Melbourne. I wanted a class A, wife wanted a class C. This was a good compromise as it is a larger Class C with 3 slides and feels a bit like a Class A when parked and open. Has all the whistles & bells so has all the extras that can go wrong. However, very little has gone wrong and what did need attention Jayco immediately repaired. It has an excellent ride for a C and has been very reliable. Happy with the quality throughout. Paid more for better quality and got it.

Joel Vinson
4 years ago

I have a 28′ 2015 Keystone Cougar TT and once I’ve FINALLY gotten all of the MANY bugs worked out of it, it’s as good as most I guess. Tows good and it’s what we know. However, I wouldn’t recommend this TT, I should’ve been more patient and bought something else.

4 years ago

We have a 13′ Scamp. We love it. Easy to buy, easy to tow, very few service needs, remarkable user forums.

4 years ago

We purchased our 2013 Entegra Aspire new and have lived in it since traveling constantly. We love it.

Steven Scheinin
4 years ago

Yes. We have lived in our 2016 Forest River Cedar Creek, 36CKTS full time now for 3 years. The build quality is very good. In talking with other Cedar Creek owners, they feel the same about their’s.

Charles Boston
4 years ago

We bought a used 2011 Roadtrek Popular from Campers Inn in NH. This is our first RV. As I write this, we are at a winery in West Kingston RI. The vehicle has been great. We have had no service issues with the dealer of the Roadtrek. I recommend both.

4 years ago

We bought our 2010 Carriage Cameo 5er new and have lived in it 8-12 months a year since then. We love it and highly recommend purchasing a used Cameo that has been taken good care of. Carriage unfortunately went bankrupt in 2012 after 42 years in business. It had an excellent reputation for the quality of its rigs.

4 years ago

We have owned several brands and classes of RV’s (class C & A), and I would recommend the Brand that we have Now (Newmar). We bought our Mountain Aire in 2015 New, and other than PM costs and damage to an AC case (caused by me backing under a tree with a low hanging branch), our costs have basically been operational (fuel, def fluid, filters, oil). WE love our rig, and are thinking about an upgrade to a London Aire in 2019. I would freely recommend buying any of the Newmar MH. I would caution though to carefully choose your floorplan. If you pick the wrong floorplan and it doesn’t work for you, that is a typical cause for unhappiness with your rig. We like one of the new floorplans that has 2 recliners across from a Horseshoe dinette. Other than that the floorplan is basically the same as we have now. The decor is a bit different also and there is some technology such as accident avoidance & adaptive cruise control which was not available on our model when we purchased…….

4 years ago

Absolutely, our Holiday Rambler Class C was wonderful–we had it for 20 years. Very well made. Don’t know how they are today. Our 1996 Newmar Dutch Star was great. We just sold it and it will soon be on its way across the US.

4 years ago


It depends on what a person wants and if they were looking for our size and layout.

I would NOT recommend the dealer we used, but I WOULD recommend Coachmen as they solved initial problems the dealer had no clue, or cared, how to fix.

Our rig is a 2016 Coachmen 20CB Micro we bought new. Both the chassis and coach have performed very well so far.

Terri Foxx-Wishert
4 years ago

Ours is no longer manufactured, (the no vote) and we have had great difficulties finding anything to replace it that has as good a floor plan.

4 years ago

I answered yes, but our TT is a 94 Mallard. I always tell people to check out older RVs. Our frame is very solid, thicker than many made today. Build solid with lightweight materials on the inside. No marble, no solid oak, no ceramic tiles. So the weight of our 32′ TT is well within the limit of our truck. After all the horror stories about new RVs I’ve read, we love our old gal more and more.

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