Monday, July 4, 2022


Wow! Is this home-built RV incredible or what?

Several readers have sent us this photo which has apparently been making the rounds on social media.

Wow! Somebody went to a whole lot of trouble to build this beauty. We know nothing about it other than what we see in this photo. One reader noted, however, that she thought that it was surely built by a man for a man. “If a women lived in it she probably would have added some touches to soften the looks,” she said.

We have a strong feeling it was modeled after a sailing ship of yesteryear, reminiscent of some of the beautiful, classic wooden boats you see at boat shows these days.

If you know anything about this unusual recreation vehicle, please leave a comment. We want to know more!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please send photos and information (if you can get it) of any unusual RVs you spot in your travels. Submit them here



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7 months ago

A caravan straight from the Romany peoples, the Travelers

7 months ago

Lee Harrison, now deceased, did a magnificent GMC motorhome many years ago for an individual in Conn. The individual owned a 92′ yacht and tasked Lee with duplicating the GMC interior to mimic the interior of the yacht. About $190k later, the job was finished and absolutely gorgeous.
With enough $$$, anything can be done.

1 year ago

A few of the Basque shepherds in our area have traditional setups similar to this one. Some are on flatbeds and some are trailers……..lots of variations but basically the same idea.

1 year ago

Was not hard to find more info with DuckDuckGo…

1 year ago

If only it weighs a ton. My tc on a 6ft 8 bed goes #2600.. I’d love to drop #600 or more

Irv Goomba
1 year ago

All wood with a wood burning stove. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?

1 year ago

One word – HEAVY. It’s a bit stark for me, but I love the wood anyway.

Tim Bear
1 year ago

Reminds me of a similar crafted rig I saw in Colorado, built by a fine-finish carpenter so he could live on-site where he was doing the high-end woodwork in expensive homes in Beaver Creek. Since he lived on-site, he also made money acting as site security – not a bad deal, getting paid 24/7!

Gary Swope
1 year ago

I like it. A lot of attention to detail went into that baby. All that wood though adds up to a whole bunch of weight. I would like to know what size truck they have there to haul that camper.

1 year ago

Not the best material to make a camper out of. It swells when it rains and creaks when it’s dry, it’s in a constant state of unscrewing itself and weighs a ton. But yes, it’s pretty.

7 months ago
Reply to  Will

About like the way most RVs are built today. Parts coming unscrewed, loose fake wood and breaking all the time, leaks, little heavier for sure 😁

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