Yellowstone elk gets revenge on clueless, ego-impaired tourist


By Chuck Woodbury
Don’t you sometimes wish when you observe a tourist doing something really stupid or offensive that you could somehow, magically, wish him or her some sort of payback? Maybe you don’t think this way, but I admit I do (at times).

And so I absolutely love this half-minute video where a clueless male tourist taunts a huge bull elk with massive antlers to match. The video is almost a year old but has only recently gone viral.

The tourist begins taunting the elk as he approaches in his car as the animal stands on the road ahead. “Watch out, buddy,” he says through his open window. “Wanna fight?” The elk stares at him, but doesn’t back off. “You wanna go, bud?” he says, taunting, perhaps trying to impress the woman in his car with this bravery. Yeah, right!

The fact is, when you consider the massive size of the elk, you can only think the man has a serious ego problem, and a problem with his intelligence as well. The elk would tear him to bits and pieces.

And then the most wonderful thing happens: The elk takes a few steps toward the man’s car, lowers his head, and jams one of his antlers into the front tire, puncturing it. You hear the hissing of the escaping air (along with the expletive from the passenger).

Oh, happy day! Sometimes there is justice!



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Larry (@guest_218644)
10 months ago

What I find even more remarkable, is that this ‘guy’ actually posted this video bringing on the comments that he so deserves. I don’t think there is “app” for this one!

T. Hudson (@guest_218586)
10 months ago

Elk : 1
Moron : 0

Roger V (@guest_218572)
10 months ago


Jerry O. (@guest_218537)
10 months ago

Just when you think people can’t get any stupider. Somebody like this comes along.

DebB (@guest_218526)
10 months ago

Man says “You wanna go buddy?” Elk “YUP, I do”

Keira B (@guest_218523)
10 months ago

Those of us who live in elk country know that there is a lot more to this situation than most people realize. It is pretty common to have wildlife on the highway. Getting through a herd of elk is sometimes a real challenge. One large male is particularly dangerous and unpredictable. Most of the time you will pass without incident, but occasionally they will want to fight. You can wait for the animal to move on, but that might take hours. Out here in the West, taking a different road is usually not an option. Most people just drive slowly by and hope for the best.

TScott (@guest_218431)
10 months ago

Ha ha ha! He should be thankful the elk didn’t tear his whole plastic front off.

Lorelei (@guest_218430)
10 months ago

The guy deserved worse than merely losing a tire. If the fool had kept going or stayed back in the first place, but some never learn.

James LaGasse (@guest_218425)
10 months ago

Life is hard, even harder if you’re stupid, hopefully he learned a lesson if not maybe his wife will remind him.

Neal Davis (@guest_218417)
10 months ago

How wonderful! Such a fitting conclusion. 🙂

Stephanie (@guest_218414)
10 months ago


Sarah (@guest_218413)
10 months ago

He got what he had coming! Ha ha ha!

SteveAustin (@guest_218396)
10 months ago

His ego deflated as quickly as his tire.

Gregory Illes (@guest_218380)
10 months ago

AND it’s obviously a SIDEWALL puncture, making the tire un-repairable.
A nicely expensive screw-up.

Steve (@guest_218341)
10 months ago

What did the elk say to the passing car? Did I get my POINT across?

Uncle Swags (@guest_218328)
10 months ago

I think that elk has done this before. Good for him.

Seann Fox (@guest_218311)
10 months ago

Elk: “come on out and change your tire Mr. Smarty Pants”

Allen Cartee (@guest_218289)
10 months ago

Serves him right.

Bob p (@guest_218282)
10 months ago

That was great!

Dave (@guest_218281)
10 months ago

haha! Thanks for sharing