Sunday, October 2, 2022


Your travel photos could be better

So many people snap pictures and just accept them as they are, when they could be so much better with just a few clicks. It’s called photo editing and every smartphone can do it. The left side of this picture shows you the original. How the camera captured the photo. It’s OK. The right side is after just a couple of taps using Google Photos on the phone that took the shot.

Here’s the original photo:

Jim and Chris in Brisbane, QLD, Australia

You might look at this picture and say, “That’s a nice picture, there’s nothing wrong with it.” But, I don’t want you to look at my picture and say, “That’s nice” I want you to look at it and say “Wow!”

With just a couple of clicks, you can take a good picture and make it gorgeous.

  1. To crop: open the photo using Google Photos and click (tap) the edit button then the Crop button. Drag the edges of the photo in closer to the subject and then tap Done.
  2. To make it “pop”: Still in Edit mode, tap the adjustments button (same icon as Edit). Find the Pop slider (it may be under Light, tap the down arrow to see) – drag the pop slider to the right. You may also want to drag the color slider to the right a little.

Learn to Edit

Every phone with a camera comes with editing tools. I like using Google Photos but if you don’t, you can also use whatever Gallery or Photo app that came with your phone. They all will have features to crop, brighten and enhance colors.

To go on beyond the basics, we recommend Snapseed, the free companion app from Google. Here’s a video of a special editing feature called HDR Scape which will really make your photos special.


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