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Check out what’s new in the 2024 Casita Travel Trailers

Join Jonathan Willis from Casita Travel Trailers in the video below and check out the changes and innovations to their 2024 Casita Travel Trailers.

Since the molds don’t change, it might not seem like anything changes from year to year in these popular lightweight fiberglass travel trailers. But that’s not so, although to be sure the changes might be more subtle than in other brands.

So what’s new for 2024 in Casita Travel Trailers?

A lot of the changes are aesthetics and most are options, so purists who want Casita’s traditional look can still get it that way for the most part.

The gray-coat bottom gives the 2024 Casita trailer an updated exterior look, as do the Timber decals.

The interior is outfitted with an entirely polyester wall material that’s flame retardant, and mold- and moisture-resistant.

The shade of the interior wood is lighter than it used to be—and lighter in small spaces is a good thing to make spaces appear larger. However, in the video, he says he really likes how the gray wall fabric goes with the light-colored wood. Personally, I’m not so sold and think there could have been more aesthetically pleasing combos. But that’s just me. I also think the wood color and the floor color clash, so color me unimpressed with the new interior décor.

The kitchen also features some new changes, including the new Furrion vent hood over the stove. The old vent used to vent outside, but there is no longer an outside vent hole as the Furrion vent works with a charcoal filter. The two-burner Greystone cooktop is another new addition, as is the stainless steel sink.

While it may be deep, the sink is far too tiny to be practical for my taste. I could not imagine having to wash a load of dishes, let alone pots and pans, in there.

The 2024 Casita also got an air conditioner upgrade. It’s now the Coleman Mach 8, a 9200 BTU AC. As small as a Casita is, this must take no time at all to cool down.

Overall, the changes are not major. But for a trailer that remains largely unchanged through the decades, I guess any change is reason to celebrate!

Learn more about Casita travel trailers here.


Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard is the author 8 published books on topics as diverse as US Citizenship to Cannabis Cooking. Cheri grew up in a circus family and has been RVing on and off her entire life.



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Gary Blackburn (@guest_260989)
26 days ago

To me, the floor looks permanently dirty. There are certainly more attractive floor possibilities. The gray is close to the color of the sweepings found inside a vacuum cleaner bag. I much prefer warmer colors. Overall, were I to be in the market for a small trailer, I would bypass this one as aesthetically unacceptable. As for interior functionality, others have stated it pretty well except for lighting. How is it? Will there be enough light for reading? Are switches logically located. Are there bedroom locations for CPAP, power outlets, and a space for the pump if installing a Sleep Number bed? These are questions not usually addressed in any of the RV reviews.

Ken (@guest_260698)
27 days ago

I’m on my second Casita and I am a Fan.
“Has everything I need and nothing I don’t “.

On this new model I don’t understand the stove venting , I think it’s dangerous.
Why would you have a vent that DOESN’T send the deadly Carbon-monoxide that results from combustion out of this small cabin?

Bob C (@guest_260516)
27 days ago

Making the bathroom window an option doesn’t make any sense as it provides access for toilet rinsing hose while draining black tank. Other options or changes aren’t enough to encourage anyone to purchase a Casita trailer. Why mess with a good thing. They should have concentrated on a good solar set up and Lithium batteries as many of us have done to our Casita trailers.

Sally Harnish (@guest_260471)
28 days ago

Why wouldn’t they paint the bin doors, water heater cover, and refer vent to match the exterior?

Bob P (@guest_260439)
28 days ago

I’ll agree with you on sink, colors. Prison gray interior oh boy, their interior designer is about 2 yrs behind. Sink is large enough to rinse out my insulated water cup. I do like the light colored wood, never have cared for darker colors. Plus bathrooms are not my cup of tea.

Chris (@guest_260435)
28 days ago

Wonder why they think I need blue stove lights next to my bed????

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