Sunday, October 2, 2022


Three-way LED lights debut for RV interiors


By Bob Difley

SalVinCo 3-way LED lights
SalVinCo 3-way LED lights

You can now vary the brightness of your cabin lights with the simple flip of a switch (no dimmer required), a press release from SalVinCo reports.

Bee Green LEDs new Three Way G4 bi-pin LED bulbs offer you the option to choose among three levels of lighting from one bulb. Just by toggling the light off and back on (with your wall switch or fixture switch), you can adjust the brightness, the release stated.

The three way LED bulbs are available either as a retrofit G4 bi-pin bulb for your existing fixtures, or may be purchased in new fixtures. Parameters include a 10-30 volt DC operating range (for 12 volt or 24 volt systems), warm white 2900 kelvin color temperature (soft warm white), a beam angle of 120 degrees; and side pin or extra-long 1-inch back pin versions.

Operating at only 2 watts maximum, they offer three lumen settings of 197/129/65 (high setting of 197 lumens is comparable to 12 watts of halogen). Available in either the side pin model Lg4s963ww, or back pin model Lg4b963ww. Diameter is 1.18-inches.

A slightly larger 1.30-inch diameter back pin model Lg4b15123 offers brighter high and medium intensities at 275/220/55 lumens (high setting of 275 lumens is comparable to a 20 watt halogen). Maximum power is 3 watts.

For more information, visit the SalVinCo website.

Information obtained from press release.

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