Tuesday, August 9, 2022


A simple step can keep your tank monitor probes clean

By Bob Difley

How much water is in your gray water tank? Can you push the button on the monitor panel and be really sure that the reading you get is accurate? Many RVers would say, “No!” It’s true — a major curse in RVing is those faulty readings. Why so?

Food particles and other debris that collect in your kitchen sink from food preparation and washing dishes ends up in your gray water tank and can cause odors, can get caught on your gray water tank monitor probes resulting in inaccurate readings, and can get stuck in your dump valve preventing it from closing tightly, causing leaks.

You can prevent these problems with a stainless steel drain screen, available in hardware stores, that fits into your sink drain. Throw whatever it collects in the trash, before it enters your waste tank.


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