Friday, March 24, 2023


A way to mount holiday decorations that doesn’t suck…or does it?

By Tony Barthel
As the holidays approach, RVers want to decorate as much as everybody else – but putting nails in the side of an RV is usually a bad idea. I’ve found that Command strips do work sometimes, but not always. What about a vacuum mount? Now there’s a thought… 

We recently got a press release from SeaSucker® about a unique adaptation of their low-profile vacuum mount that is specifically designed for wreaths. As the name may imply, the SeaSucker was originally developed for boats but has found its way into the RV world as well. It is a vacuum mounting tool that allows you to mount things to a boat using a vacuum cup. 

I’m sure many of us have used a vacuum mount with phones or dash cams or any number of other things, and I’m sure that there are plenty of people who have tried these and sent them off to the landfill after the third time the phone fell on your lap while you were driving. 

These are different though. With a little push-button pump on the side, you’re allowed to apply pressure to the surface and the suction cup. The company claims that their low-profile vacuum mount can hold up to 120 pounds. That’s one big wreath, to be sure. 

The nifty thing about this is that if vacuum pressure decreases over time, the plunger for the pump will extend showing that you need to reapply pressure. It’s a well-done solution. 

While the wreath idea is certainly a good one, videos on their YouTube channel give me more ideas. For example, you could use their small vacuum mounts to mount a garbage can to the side of the RV, or perhaps even a Nerf basketball hoop. 

Removing these is also simple with a tab that releases the suction so you can pop the SeaSucker right off. 

While the obvious thing would be, of course, to mount a wreath to the door of your RV, I can see going nuts and mounting things to windows like little stands to hold up inflatable lawn ornaments. 

These U.S.-made vacuum mounts aren’t inexpensive and using it for just mounting a wreath might be a bit frivolous. But if you could utilize these all year long to hang things off your RV (inside or outside), they could prove to be money well spent. 

You could say these are a gadget that doesn’t suck… although it is a gadget that honestly sucks. But that’s the whole idea. 

Learn more or order one here.



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Ron T.
2 years ago

These operate the same as the vacuum handles used by glass installers. I used those during my museum career to open display cases. They should work fine as long as you have a smooth surface.

2 years ago

That is a product I have sure needed. A way to temporarily attach something to the side of the RV, without glues or damage. Sure will give it a try, thanks for the post.

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