Monday, November 28, 2022


Add a fancy outhouse to your small RV

Is your RV too small for a decent-sized bathroom? Or maybe you have no bathroom at all in your small RV or camper van. Well, do we have good news for you — at least if you like the comforts of home but don’t want to buy a more fully equipped RV!

It’s called bath2go. It’s a fancy outhouse that’s carried on the back of a vehicle, typically a van conversion, or a camper van as they are often called outside the USA. Many (if not most) of these vehicles lack a bathroom. Inside the box, there is enough space for a toilet, a shower, and a water tank.

The German-made bath2go roughly covers the entire rear of the vehicle, leaving the lights on the sides visible. 

Bath2go offers two models, and it is possible to get one with heated water. The basic model is priced at about $7,200, with the more comfortable model at $8,400. Installation and a vehicle-specific adapter cost extra.

The entire box can be removed from the back of the van when not needed. The mount  that holds the cabin is a fixed installation.

You can learn about bath2go at the company website. But it won’t be much use to you unless you speak German. (Or check the upper right corner of the page, by the URL, and see if you’re given the option to click the button to get the translation [depending on your browser, apparently].)



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4 years ago

For that price you could buy a used small camper and tow behind your Van.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

This HAS to be a joke – right? Bath to Go? Look at this thing hanging off the back of the van! Went to the website. All in German so it’s a bit hard to understand, but the pictures are worth “a thousand words” – or more. Good for a morning laugh though . . .

howard king
4 years ago

You gotta be s——-, me!!! ha ha ha.

4 years ago
Reply to  howard king

Good one.

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